Having chucked a few beers and started grinding a sorority girl on the dance floor, you might start getting so caught up in the pride of rocking out at a frat party in your basScreen Shot 2012-11-20 at 4.03.46 PMeball hat and a pair of vans with socks pulled up so high that it almost makes people think you just came from a soccer game. What a friday night!

So, frat party-goers, have you ever thought of the multitude of alternatives to a frat party on Friday night? Time to raise the stakes!

We often forget that just a 30-minute BART ride away is the hustle and bustle of the city and its phenomenal assortment of after-dark entertainment (another reason why Cal trumps Stanford). It is understandable that as college students our limited budgets don’t give us free reign in choosing the swanky and avant-garde sort of weekend’s we might wish for, but the wide spectrum of choices allows for a middle ground to accommodate our budgets without sacrificing the fun. So next time, quit the grueling contemplation of which frat to go and hop on the Bart for some city life!

Image Source: D.H. Parks under Creative Commons