It has come to our attention that the Bill in Support of the Halloween Meeting (you know, that one we sort of, vaguely endorsed about a week ago?) FAILED IN COMMITTEE! How this could possibly happen–even while the bill so explicitly stated that anyone who opposed it would be written off as a “nihilistic party pooper”–is simply baffling.

Maybe the senators didn’t want any goofy masks to obscure the effects of their austere countenances as beacons of order and incorruptible justice at a time when most of society succumbs to the temptations of sinful pagan revelry? Or maybe they’re all just humorless cheapskates. Either way, props to the author of the bill, Senator Eddie Nahabet, for walkin’ the walk–he brought candy to Wednesday’s meeting, anyway.

Image Source: *MarS under Creative Commons
This Week in ASUC: October 29 Meeting [Notes from the Field]

This Halloween, it’s the Great ASUC, Charlie Brown! On Wednesday, senators proposed a bill “In Support of the Halloween Meeting.” (And now we understand why ASUC meetings take 12 hours … )

The bill states, ” … WHEREAS, one of the main missions of this year’s Senate is to both increase outreach for the ASUC as well as accessibility and transparency for ASUC Senate meetings … THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the October 29th meeting of the ASUC Senate be declared the “Halloween Meeting” … ”

The bill goes on to encourage all ASUC senators and executives to “bring candy and food for guests and elected officials to ‘trick-or-treat’” and to come in costume. It also goes on to “condemn anyone who either votes against this bill or does not participate in the Halloween festivities as ‘depressing nihilistic party poopers.’” read more »