The Clog had the honor of attending the first night of the West Coast A Cappella Showcase this past Friday, and we were blown away by the never-ending vocal talent. To those who were able to attend both nights – we commend your ability to survive an A Cappella overload (of the good kind). Needless to say, the show was full of awkward introductions by pairs from the California Golden Overtones and UC Men’s Octet, but the performances made the audience forget that initial confusion immediately.

DeCadence started off the evening right, performing at what we think may be their best yet. They opened with “Cry Me a River,” which initially surprised us as an opening song, but they sang it flawlessly and with a great soul that carried through the rest of their performance. “Drumming Song” by Florence + the Machine was their next song, and they sang again with a contagious fervor, accompanied with equally passionate choreography. They ended with “Renegade” by Styx, opening it with haunting intensity, and then jumping into a dancing rhythm full of spirit. Their instrumental and sound effect vocals shined in the song.

Next up was Noteworthy, our all-male group known for performing student-written pieces. They are always hilarious, and didn’t disappoint, opening with their own rap-anthem. And of course, they are able to blend humor with talent – both vocal and choreographic. Next read more »

For the men who make up Noteworthy, creating music is about more than just singing. They write their own songs, choreograph the moves and make sure that every performance is exactly that. Yes, they sing (and really gosh darn well, we might add), but Noteworthy entertains in a way that, to quote our 5th grade report cards, “exceeds expectations.”

When we took some time to chat with the guys, read more »

What’s that? You like A Cappella? Of course you do. Fellow lovers of all things A Capella, the Clog is here to let you know what’s up. And what is up is the annual West Coast A Cappella Showcase, featuring the California Golden Overtones and UC Men’s Octet.

Come by Wheeler Auditorium this Friday or Saturday (Nov. 4 and 5) to see some of the West Coast’s best college a cappella show off their stuff. Both shows start at 8 p.m. and tickets cost $7 for Berkeley students, $9 for other students and $10 general admission. Bring your IDs, and trust us, it’s worth the money. read more »

Do you wish you could hang out with these guys? Are you not a particular fan of trying to track down your favorite a cappella group for Sproul performances? Do you not enjoy paying for things?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you might want to consider hustling over to Hertz Hall in a few hours, where a veritable plethora of campus a cappella groups will be performing indoors and free of charge. Whether you prefer the quirky stylings of Noteworthy, the preppy, collegiate airs of the Men’s Octet, they’ll all be there to welcome you to a new semester at 8 p.m. this evening.

The Clog will see you there.

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Poker Face [YouTube]
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The panel consisted of a former tabloid editor, the wife of a washed up heavy metal vocalist and Howie f*cking Mandel. Facing these brutal judges, UC Berkeley’s own a capella group Noteworthy delivered a rendition of Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face” (their dismal performance/rejection begins just past the 4 minute mark!).

With these choice words, Berkeley’s representation on America’s Got Talent, Season 5, was dismissed: “Given that the name of the show is not ‘America’s got annoying little read more »

OK, so it’s sort of a long story, but we were talking to a friend earlier this evening and we sort of got on the topic of bunnies. (Like we said, long story. Don’t ask.) Anyway, said friend kindly directed our attention to the following video(s):

Yes, they are singing about trading in their souls for a pair of bunny ears and a cotton tail.

Upon further investigation of the matter, we discovered not only that this completely ridiculous–nay, ridiculously awesome–ditty was penned by two Noteworthy members back in 2003, but also that Noteworthy will actually be performing tomorrow evening at 8 p.m. in 10 Evans Hall!

For just $3 (students), you can see them perform with two other Berkeley a capella groups, DeCadence and the California Golden Overtones. Incidentally, Noteworthy’s manager is named “Joey Goodknight.” Yeah. Pretty much, we’re thinking about going just so we can cheer that name repeatedly, and maybe make some unwarranted puns.

Noteworthy-Fluffy Bunny [YouTube]