Photographer Jack Gescheidt made headlines in March when he organized a nude photo shoot of pale, hippie bodies strewn listlessly across the Memorial Stadium oak grove. It was all a part of his TreeSpirit Project–a photography series with the basic mission of saving trees everywhere. Gescheidt used March’s oak grove photo, titled “Last Stand,” to raise awareness for the Save the Oaks campaign. The money, on the other hand, went mostly to him–10% goes to his non-profit partners.

Well, it’s been more than a few months already, and Gescheidt’s $50 oak grove photograph didn’t do much good for the oak grove, considering last Monday’s ruling. So what does Gescheidt do? He organizes another photo shoot via Craigslist! The Clog has tentatively titled it “Last Stand (For Real This Time),” and if you’re interested in participating or watching, the nakedness commences at 8 a.m. this Saturday. Compared to the March event, Gescheidt says this one will have more “dramatic effect” thanks to the recently implemented “manmade barrier,” also known as the chain-link fence. We would pompously muse at such an ingeniously artistic juxtaposition, but the Clog is made up of neither hippies nor art history majors. Gescheidt’s Craigslist ad states:

You’ll be naked for only 5-10 min. — and excitement and adrenaline usually distracts from your feeling chilled.

Yeah, so does the overpowering stench of patchouli and the tingly sensation of fire ants crawling up your legs. He continues the ad with an explanation of why this second shoot is necessary:

A complex court case with multiple lawsuits has been presented, and a Berkeley judge’s decision is pending and will be delivered in the next 2-8 weeks. The case will likely be appealed by either side and the community’s will is still relevant and important.

And while it is still “relevant” and “important,” we presume that he would like to milk as much publicity and cash as possible. Gescheidt ends by saying:

Our goal is to highlight the beauty, power and value of these trees before it’s too late.

Yeah, this much free publicity doesn’t come around too often. We gotta hand it to the guy for his smart public relations skills. After all, once the trees get cut down, we expect his photo prices to skyrocket like beanie babies–as will his autograph.

11/10: TreeSpirit photo event: spare Berkeley Memorial Oak Grove, Sat. Nov 10 (berkeley) [Craigslist]
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