memorial-stadiumIf you thought the drama over at Memorial Stadium ended when the last oak fell, then get this: Stadium seats are now going for as much as $225,000 a piece. And we don’t mean you actually get to take the seat home with you either.

Ninety thousand dollars will get you four memberships to the “University Club,” which includes 50-year rights to your seat, on-campus parking on game days, free food and drinks, and cup holders. Your family can even inherit the seat if you don’t happen to make it for the next 50 years. read more »


Native American artifacts were not found by William Self Associates, Inc., which released a report yesterday detailing their investigation of the future site for the Student Athlete High Performance Center.

Those not in the loop should know one of the many arguments against building on the grove was read more »

The tree-sitters are down, and now we represent such news in the only way we can: through song and dance.

Four Remaining Tree-Sitters Leave UC Berkeley Oak Grove [Daily Cal]
The Wicked Witch Is Dead [You Tube]

Another fitting headline may have been: Drones of News Choppers Nearly Drown out Tree Choppers and Sitters.

At any rate, the entire bay area is abuzz as tensions and violence flair at Oak Grove. You think we’re exaggerating? Scaffolding, helicopters and negotiators now surround the redwood that served as a tree home (tree home: like a tree house, but much more comfortable) read more »

Talk is cheap. "Altercation between Berkeley tree-sitters and tree trimmers on August 21, 2008"

It has been an emotional weekend for many at the foot of Oak Grove. Arborists have removed 35 of 42 trees as of Saturday, and are expected to cut down all but one redwood by today’s end.

Our redwood denizens no longer will receive adequate water and nutrition which the university has provided for 21 months. As of Friday, four tree-sitters remained with only one liter of water “to share”. We wonder if the heat will cause the tree-sitters to worry about their redwood’s thirst. UCB claims to have no plans of forcibly removing the tree-dwellers. We think the university is waiting for them to ripen and fall.

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Spotted, 5:45 p.m.: Helicopter. Likely of the local news chopper variety. Hovering suspiciously over a certain oak grove near a certain stadium. Noise-polluting and generally creepin’.

Hm. We wonder what sort of breaking news is going down that would lend itself to aerial coverage … Oh shit, where’d the trees go?! Damn, that was fast.

Update, 6:35 p.m.: Dude, we just saw another one up there.

Image Source: Jill Cowan

UCB recently settled a lawsuit with our hillside football fans.

The fans filed a suit with the university when they realized that the proposed plan of the new stadium threatened their nosebleed section seating.

The settlement requires that the university “consult(s) with the plaintiffs before altering the eastern side”. It does not guarantee that dwellers of Tightwad Hill get to keep their free seats. In other words: there might be a mumbled conversation on the matter over a cup of coffee and donuts, but try not to hold your breath. read more »

The state appeals court that protestors were banking on to overturn Judge Miller’s earlier ruling also declined to block UC Berkeley’s nefarious designs upon our campus’s sacred oak grove earlier today, thereby incurring the wrath of the Panoramic Hill Association and the gratitude of almost everyone else. read more »

No, we don’t refer to the the tiny strip of grass on the northern stretch of Shattuck Avenue, where many foodies flock to show off their slices of Cheeseboard.

Rather, we speak of the median next to the Memorial Stadium oak grove, which boasts loitering hippies, tents and cardboard shacks instead of the comparably well-groomed Cheeseboard fanatics. With school set to start in a few weeks, the university really wants these squatters out–and they’re looking to the city for a little bit of help.

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The injunction against construction at the oak grove is extended as the Panoramic Hill Association and the California Oak Foundation form their cases for an appeal. They need to prove fault in Judge Barbara J. Miller’s ruling and reason for another injunction. [Daily Cal]

But the city of Berkeley is the third party in the case against the university, and we’re not so sure where they stand. To appeal or not to appeal; that is the question. [Daily Cal]

Another source, though, says with conviction that Berkeley will not appeal. Perhaps the initial court fees are already enough, or perhaps it’s just time to suck it up and lick some wounds. [SF Chron]

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