Kick off the semester with some excitement and dance! Bollywood Berkeley, an enormous Hindi Film Dance competition held by Indus, is this weekend in Oakland. Schools from all over California and the United States are coming here to show off their best Bollywood dance moves for the 12th year in a row. We at the Clog know Azaad, Berkeley’s team, will wipe the floor with everyone.

Teams come from basically everywhere, but a few of our typical competitors — UC Davis, UC Irvine and UCLA — will definitely be there. There will be amazing routines, costumes, scenery — and, of course, outstanding performers!


If you’ve ever seen a Bollywood film, then you know the type of evening you have ahead of you. And if you haven’t, it’s a chance to see huge choreographed numbers portraying intricate storylines, typically with one male lead dancer and one female. They’re often love stories that for some reason can only be properly conveyed through synchronized hip movements and singing.

The show is this Saturday, Feb. 2, at 5:30 p.m. at the Paramount Theater in Oakland. You’ll find tickets online or being sold on Sproul, so get them now! There will also be an official afterparty starting at 10 p.m. in San Francisco. Per usual, tickets for both events will be more if you pay at the door.

Do something fun this weekend with your friends, before all the work piles on in earnest. Literally thousands of people go to this event, and we guarantee it will be one to remember.

 Image source: arpitmehta under Creative Commons


Attention to any and all individuals with classic Toms and raw denim jackets:

As you hopefully saw yesterday, we clued you in on a little show happening tonight at The Fox Theater in Oakland. The duo performing is a veritable wet dream in the world of indie music, so we’re definitely bringing a spare pair of American Apparel underwear and gearing up for some amazing music. As we already mentioned, the opening act for tonight’s show is the effervescent and endlessly talented Merrill Garbus, better known as tUnE-yArDs. An act like that is tough to follow, but we’re confident St. Vincent has what it takes. read more »


Hipster and indie kids ahoy! There’s another super awesome and amazing concert on the horizon. As you remember, we last beseeched you to venture out to San Francisco on a Monday night to glimpse the beautiful Danish goddess, Oh Land. And this week we’re doing a double feature! There’s a wonderful and mysterious indie songstress headlining at the Fox Theater in Oakland tomorrow. We’ll save her for later (or you can cheat and Google her and ruin all the fun you big baby), because today we’re focusing on the fabulous opener. With a name that’s harder to spell than it is to say, “tUne-yArDs” is sure to bring the heat at tomorrow’s show.
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Listen up everyone, because this is really important. We know there’s been a lot of turmoil lately with the budget crisis and Rick Santorum’s existence and the ASUC Elections, but we can no longer occupy our minds with such small issues. There is in the world a much more prominent issue and The Daily Clog is going to take the first step in addressing it. So, let’s cut right to the chase: there is a restaurant in Oakland that serves only macaroni and cheese. We know. We’re really excited too. Let’s all take a deep breath and sit down and talk about this. read more »

IMG_4317It began in a small West Berkeley warehouse in 1999. The project, however, quickly outpaced the vision, and in 2003, founder and sculptor Michael Sturtz moved The Crucible, his “industrial arts educational experience,” to its present-day location in Oakland just off of the Nelson Mandela Parkway, near the West Oakland BART station.

Because the Clog is oh-so-famous and critically acclaimed and blah blah blah, Christy Hogan, a volunteer tour guide, gave us an exclusive tour of the breathtaking 56,000 sq. ft. space. (This may or may not have had to do with the free tours that they offer every Tues. and Thurs. at 6 p.m.)

“There’s no other place like this, where we have so many types of art, media, all in one place,” said Hogan, explaining the Crucible’s popularity and unfettered expansion. “It allows for the expression of creativity, and we also have the fire performance, which is also very attractive. That’s all part of it.”

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eat real 2

Last Sunday was Oakland’s Eat Real food festival, located in Jack London Square. Loads of fresh, local and nom-my foods were available. The selection included adobo, macadamia nut gelato, paella, kung fu taco’s and many more, tasty eats.

Eat Real’s goals read more »

So the jury in the trial of Johannes Mehserle, ex-BART police office accused of shooting and killing Oscar Grant on January 1, 2009, has delivered its verdict. Mehserle was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter, but was not convicted on the second degree murder charge the prosecution was pushing for. read more »


It’s hard to believe it, but Berkeley’s next-door neighbor Oakland beat us to the punch in the “Who’s Greener?” race that many Bay Area cities are participating in. We might have those nifty “bicycle boulevard” signs all over the place but when was the last time Berkeley stopped traffic in the name of environmentalism?

Well that’s what read more »


It’s OK, everyone:  you can go to Oakland during twilight again. When the city extended parking meter enforcement until 8 p.m. and raised the rates a few months ago, they probably weren’t expecting a backlash of indignant fury that would ultimately succeed in clawing the despised policy out of existence and aborting similar propositions in Berkeley and San Francisco. Bad ass, Oakland. But beware, the tyrannical meter maid’s ghost lingers in the form of read more »

black cowboyThe Oakland Black Cowboys Association’s 35th anniversary parade may have already happened this Saturday, but we couldn’t miss this opportunity to post about it anyway … if only for the fact that the words “mounted horseman” and “Oakland” may never be used in the same sentence again.

First of all: yes, we said Oakland Black Cowboys Association, and no, we have no idea what goes on at their meetings. Second: almost thirty percent of all cowboys were black. Yes, they exist. Thirdly: you can be a “third generation cowboy,” which we guess means that “cowboy” may be its own ethnicity.

The annual parade was held to commemorate “those who broke stereotypes after the Civil War by breaking horses in the West.” We can’t think of a better way to honor history than wearing your knee-high riding boots and your sword as you ride your horse down the streets of Oakland. Seriously.

Image Source: gwen under Creative Commons
Black Cowboys turn a page on American history [Inside Bay Area]

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