As college students, we never forget the fact that stressed spelled backwards is desserts, adhering to the idea that the stress caused from those massive amounts of papers and midterms should be alleviated by desserts, also known as sugar overload. We grab a piece of chocolate from under our desk every five minutes, convincing ourselves that the one piece that turns into ten won’t hurt.

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The only time that we’re up and about at 8:00 a.m. on Telegraph Avenue, we’re still half asleep and trying to remember why we enrolled in such an early class.

So when, exactly, does Moolicious intend on roping in breakfast-starved students?

At any rate, our only job is to speak from the palate. We weren’t too excited about paying $3.50 for a bowl of cereal, regardless of how big the serving or what kind of magical mixture was conjured to earn it such a name as “The Good Life”.

Instead, we sunk our sweet tooth in a sandwich of Cheerios, Nutella, and raspberry jam. Delectable–sweet, crunchy, not too gushy and all contained in one little sandwich. Yet not too little … we had to doggie-bag the other half of the entree to save for dinner (yes, dinner. Don’t judge our fat-ridden diet). read more »

Most Berkeleyans know Alice Waters pioneered “California cuisine” through Chez Panisse, but her championing of healthy foods for school-age children is no less a historical achievement: Observe Berkeley’s public schools, where food is made using many ingredients grown locally.

But rising food costs have made it increasingly harder for schools to serve better quality food than pizzas that rate 5 or more napkins on the grease scale. read more »