They’re baaack! Occupy the Farmers broke into the Gill Tract research land Saturday morning to harvest the crops they had planted during their occupying spree in May. But that’s not all. In an effort to show how much food was going to waste, protestors left bolted lettuce in front of the Chancellor’s house.

A note was taped to his door, saying things like “You can’t beet us, so lettuce farm already.” Dear lord. That’s effective — we’re not getting our way, so we’re gonna leave some smelly-ass lettuce in front of the Chancellor’s door. That’s gonna change his mind. read more »


We all know that America is a sue-happy country — Berkeley is no exception. The back and forth sue-ing that has been occurring between the university and the Occupy the Farm kids would make for a good soap opera.

Here’s the Clog’s script and recap of the events of the pass few weeks:

University (U): Yo dudes, you need to get off of this land. It belongs to the UC.

Occupy the Farm (OF): No way! This land belongs to the public! Screw research, we’re reclaiming this for the peoples. read more »