First earthquakes, then fires, now … whoa wait a minute, is the Clog hearing this correctly? OIL SPILLS?!

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That’s right folks, it seems that every environmental disaster imaginable has struck the UC Berkeley campus.

On Saturday night, an underground tank spilled 1,711 gallons of diesel fuel, washing into Strawberry Creek and possibly beyond. read more »


Apparently MIT has come up with an oil-cleaning robot. If you are picturing a cute WALL-E type, who magically comes in and sweeps all the mean oil – and mean oil people – away, don’t worry, we did too. However, the oil-cleaning robot, dubbed though not as endearing as WALL-E, definitely knows how to take care of business. read more »


Oh, the oil crisis. Perhaps it’s best summed up by Stephen Colbert’s joke that the hottest Christmas gift this December will be a “clean-it-yourself egret.” And even forgetting the poor pelicans for a moment, this spill has led people to scrutinize oil giant BP for its questionable safety regulations. So let’s all take a deep breath while we remember that BP funds UCB’s very own Energy Biosciences Institute.

Naturally, this fact raises some eyebrows. BP pledged $500 million to the institute, read more »


Sunday Shout-Out picks out the week’s stories that simply slipped our minds.

BPD asks if you’ve seen a 5’7″ slender man wearing a dark hoodie recently. Oh, there are about 10 in your field of vision right now? Well this is more difficult than expected … [Daily Cal]

Check out these teenagers getting skanky in the name of school spirit. Take it easy, kids. You’ll have plenty of time to scantily clothe yourselves in American Apparel during college. Also, we feel old. [Berkeleyside]

The Bay Bridge will still be closed tomorrow morning and there are no official estimates on when it will reopen. Well, on the bright side, if it collapses completely no one will be on it. [SFGate]

We hope all the otters are OK. Are there otters in the Bay? Oh, nevermind, this just sucks. [The Bay Area]

Image Source: Nathan Yan, Daily Cal [ASIB]
Earlier: Makin’ Their Marks

For those of you who don’t already know–58,000 gallons of oil spilled into the bay on Wednesday when a cargo ship collided with a tower of the Bay Bridge. The extent of the spill was previously thought to have been minor. Now, people are slowly starting to freak out. City of Berkeley spokeswoman Mary Kay Clunies-Ross declared the weekend closure of the Berkeley Marina yesterday.

Clunies-Ross said boats are not being allowed in or out of the marina and residents and visitors are being warned by the city’s Environmental Health Division that the shoreline is contaminated and they should keep people and pets away from the beaches and the water.

Though Shakira thinks rolling around in black goo is hot, Clunies-Ross says it’s not. It’s not like anyone was going to be frolicking on the marina during this dismally rainy weekend anyway.

Even the Governator is freaking out. On Friday, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger declared yet another a state of emergency. We can’t even count how many of these he’s had to declare in the past year–from the MacArthur Maze meltdown to the Southern California wildfires to Wednesday’s oil spill. OK, so maybe he’s only declared it three times. What’s the fourth going to be, the Big One? Knock on wood.

At times, living in California feels like one big game of Sim City. Someone disable the “disaster” option, please. And while you’re at it, maybe you could turn off the “protests” and “football loss” features, too. Thanks!

Spill forces Berkeley Marina closure [The Examiner]