For those of you who have taken the trek down to the RSF before, you might be wondering whether there are any swimming pools amidst the myriad of basketball courts and cardio machines. Not only is there a pretty big pool to gawk at, but the people using it are quite impressive themselves. With the recent successful recruitment of megastar Missy Franklin toHow Missy Franklin Affects You Berkeley, our Olympic-sized pool now serves someone who’s already been in and out of a lot of them.

This – obviously – makes our swim team indisputably better, but how does it change the way you live your life?

For all you ladies who inconspicuously stared at Nathan Adrian flipping his hair for the last few years, your time is up. Now it’s the guys’ turn – you can marvel at Franklin…’s five Olympic medals. The girl is a year younger than the current freshman class, and she’s already a bigger global icon than some of us could ever hope to be. She’s bringing just four gold pieces to the university… just four! That is, if you’re ignoring the single bronze and the seven other medals that have been put around her neck at the World Championships.

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Alex Morgan

Wondering who you’d be in the Olympics? The Clog found a nifty little interactive infographic that the BBC put together to help you discover who you are. Check it out here.

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phelps tattoo

If you haven’t been keeping up with who’s winning what, Cal has currently won 9 medals — if we were a country, we’d be in 11th place for total medal count. To keep up with Calympics coverage, be sure to check out the Daily Cal’s Sports blog. Meanwhile, the Clog will take a look at some of our favorite Olympic tattoos, starting with Michael Phelps’ dangerously low ring stamp featured above. read more »

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Now that former Cal Bear Nathan Adrian has won his first individual Olympic gold medal in the 100m free, everyone is fawning over the adorable new poster boy of U.S. Swimming. The Clog would like to say, for the record, that we liked Adrian before it was cool. Guess that makes us hipster.

This here article by buzzfeed gives a wonderful tribute to the man. NBC should do one of these — we certainly wouldn’t mind.

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Danny Boyle, an Academy Award-winning director known for such hits as Slumdog Millionaire, has been placed in charge of the Opening Ceremonies for the 2012 Olympics. We were expecting something edgy and exciting … until we heard that the ceremonies will open with a replication of a rural idyll (shown above). read more »


The Clog is an avid fan of Cal Quidditch, and any Quidditch in general (although we’d much prefer to see the Muggle version in the air). Apparently, as the Olympic torch passed through Oxford, England the other day, the first major international Quidditch tournament was staged to the jubilant cheers of Harry Potter fans across the world.

Athletes at the international exhibition, which included teams from the USA, Canada, France, Britain and Australia, said they thought the sport deserved a spot in the Games. But one of the sepctators, Emma Bound, said “I don’t think it’s for the Olympics. It’s probably better when the broomsticks actually fly.” We completely agree. And we’re pretty sure the majority of the world shares our same sentiment.

Get crackin’, physicists. Who cares about Higgs-Boson when you have Quidditch at stake?

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It comes as no surprise that Cal qualified 37 Bears to the London 2012 Olympics this year. After all, we do have the best-looking students.

We would provide a gripping analysis of the qualifiers, but that’s what the Sports Department is for. The Clog, Cal’s heartiest cheerleaders, will admire at a distance, feel great pride and avidly eat crepes instead.

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If you’ve ever dreamed of dating an Olympic athlete, ladies, you might just get your chance. Rumor (and by rumor, I mean College Candy) has it that J.R. Celski—who had just made his Olympic debut with short track speed skating in Vancouver—will be attending our very own U.C. Berkeley after the games end.

This 19 year-old hunk has already landed himself a bronze medal and is ready move right on up to gold—blue and gold, that is. Celski is still unsure as to whether or not he’ll continue to compete in the coming year, but seems to know what he wants academic-wise. Apparently, he’s thinking of pursuing a major in either Business Management or International Relations (an ambitious undertaking, even for an Olympiad). And according to a recent interview, he’s a wee bit nervous too, so be a pal, and invite him over for a study date.

Image Source: johnthescone under Creative Commons
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