You may have seen some of the “Date My School” fliers recently posted around campus.
Date my school? What? Like back in the 90’s where TV commercials showed kids professing their love for breakfast cereal, only to have a sibling tease, “then why don’t you marry it?” Well, turns out is actually a student-oriented dating site (like or, but it’s exclusively for current college students and alumni. Created by Jean Myer and Balazs Alexa of Brooklyn, NY, the new site aims to network like-minded undergrads and graduates looking for everything from “cuddling” to “long-term dating.” (Yes, cuddling is a checkable item under a user’s “looking for” section.) read more »

ewwwThe old adage “attract” may not exactly be true, according to a recent study done at UC Berkeley. This study is restricted to online dating, but it showed that couples who were attracted to each other had similar levels of physical attractiveness and popularity.

Basically, people on dating sites rank what they believe to be their own worth and choose partners with worth similar to their own. Called the “matching hypothesis,” this demonstrates not only that opposites don’t attract, but that you date the best in your league.

Obviously, this wasn’t true across the board, and sometimes happened at a different point while dating. So if you hear someone complain about the poor quality of their online date, remind them (or maybe don’t) that chances are they are probably on par with each other.

Image Source: Don Hankins under Creative Commons
The People You Date Are the People You Can Date, Science Says [The Village Voice]