any questionsOperational Excellence. Those two words crop up more frequently than just about any others on our campus (well, except for maybe “Whose university?” … and “Is that going to be on the midterm?”). Funnily enough, though, very few people actually understand Operational Excellence — what it is, its goals, who’s behind it all, etc.

The truth is, Operational Excellence is a bit of a beast to wrap your mind around (we’re having a hell of a time of it, over on our end), so the powers that be are holding an “OE Showcase” this Thursday, Oct. 27, between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. in the MLK Student Union’s Pauley Ballroom. read more »

DSCN5607 If you’re a Berkeley student, you probably got a bizarre message in your inbox this afternoon with the cryptic subject-line: “What Cal Student Want: Do You Agree?”

After determining – with some degree of difficulty – that the message was not spam, we found that it was simply a request to take a survey from the UC Berkeley Operational Excellence Student Services Initiative. So we obliged and took the survey. It’s true: most of the improvements noted were indeed things that we, as “Cal student,” want.

But it got us thinking: “what do we want, really?” Intelligible, proper grammar? Nah. We want to take surveys.

Student Affairs and Operational Excellence [Site]

News! Come and get yer News!Looks like campus jobs may be going under the knife, so to speak.  (OK, too soon.) What we mean is that in keeping with Operational Excellence findings, about 200 positions may be cut. Yech. It may be saving money, but that’s still pretty sucky. [Chronicle]

Speaking of things that operate excellently, the ASUC has a suggestion for the Operational Excellence folks … and it’s actually pretty good. [Daily Cal]

This is happening in a couple hours. If you can, uh, bear to follow Cal football after last weekend’s performance, you should check out the Sports Desk’s liveblog. [Daily Cal]

Um … huh? “Web sensation?” That might be aiming a little high, don’t you think? What with Antoine Dobson running around, and all. [Berkeleyside]

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California’s broke and the boys in Sac (as it seems to be) sure as f*ck ain’t got our back. But Chancellor Birgeneau may have a plan.

Yesterday the Chancellor reassuringly declared that big universities don’t cry; they reassess their operational spending. Starting soon, “Operational Excellence,” a collaborative effort between in-house and private consultants, will examine Berkeley’s costs with the hope of arriving at a plan for greater financial independence from state piggy banks in the long term. Oh, and don’t call it privatizing. Details below: read more »