4411857245_d3c3bcab69Ah, yes, it’s a good week for off-the-wall pop references. You guessed it: this post is not about Madonna. It is, rather, an ode to our continuing preoccupation with Sarah Shourd, recently released from prison in Iran and currently making the newsy rounds back on American soil.

Maybe you’ve been following the story as obsessively as the Clog — but if not, here are some relevant tidbits for your eager consumption:

Shocker! The Cal alum will appear on a segment of Oprah that airs today. Maybe she’ll walk away with a free car for all her troubles. [Christian Science Monitor]

Stating her doubts that she, Shane Bauer and Josh Fattal ever truly crossed into Iran, Shourd says read more »

You best be keeping that foot off my couch.
Since the darn storm is keeping you in, what will you be doing today at four o’clock? That’s right, you will be watching Oprah.

No, it’s not to see her interview the elusive Cormac McCarthy, or to see the now passé Tom Cruise couch-jumping incident. This time it’s something a little closer to home. Oprah will be interviewing UCPD’s Lisa Campbell and Ally Jacobs, the two brave police officers whose keen eyes led to the arrest of kidnapper Phillip Garrido.

The Clog is grateful that these ladies are getting their moment in the spotlight. Campbell, whose mother worked with Oprah’s security detail in the ’80s, is thrilled by the experience. “The entertainment giant is a ‘shero,’ Campbell says. ‘She has dedicated her life to sharing her gifts and talent, and changing one consciousness at a time.’”

We can think of a few more sheroes, actually. They’ll be on Oprah tonight. You won’t want to miss it.

Image source: dyobmit under Creative Commons
UCPD’s Lisa Campbell and Ally Jacobs get their 15 minutes on Oprah [UC Berkeley News]