Coming to theaters the Berkeley Student Food Collective near you.


Starved college students come hither. It’s about that time to ditch the ramen noodles, Easy Mac and microwavable dinners for … fruits and veggies? The Berkeley Student Food Collective is introducing a specialized Box fully packed with super fresh and organic assortment of vegetables and fruits for $15 per week.

So what’s the business about The Box? BSFC has this neat idea of providing students with a week’s worth of great produce to students for $15/week or $60 per month. Convenient location for picking up the food makes it way simpler for people like us at the Clog who struggle to find time to go grocery shopping and thus, have healthy to decent food to eat. Also it’s all about supporting local farms and businesses, which we know is the super cool thing to do.

Each box comes with the produce and several recipes you can try. Preparation suggestions are also included so if you have some random vegetable you never existed, like the swiss chard to your right, then you’ll probably be grateful for the preparation suggestion. I mean, it’s a funky looking vegetable, not going to lie.

The Clog thinks we all, as college students, can really appreciate any opportunity to include healthy, natural stuff into our read more »


Once upon a time, Adam Berman, came up with an innovative idea: creating a leadership-training program, Urban Adamah, which incorporates social work, Jewish values and organic farming. And what better place to do it than Berkeley?

The program lasts three months during which young Jewish adults participate in farming, social justice work and progressive Jewish living and learning. The members will work 10 hours a week with local non-profit organizations associated with poverty and food access.

Berman’s objective for the first year is 8,000 pounds of food, which will mostly go to local food banks and soup kitchens as well as farmers’ markets. In terms of long-term goals, Berman hope the project will also develop in other cities.

Applicants must be between the ages of 20-29 at the start date and the applications will start being accepted on Oct. 15.

Image Source: Valerie Everett under Creative Commons
Urban Amadah [Site]
Jewish Farm School Opening in Berkeley [Jweekly]

OK, so that might be a bit of an exaggeration. There wasn’t quite as much brawling as we might have hoped The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King trailer

Willow rip
The Muppets Take Manhattan trailer

during the face-to-face debate between Slow Food-pushing Berkeleyan Alice Waters Blonde Ambition divx and foodie vagabond Anthony Bourdain at last week’s Connecticut Forum.

Also, it wasn’t just the two of them going at it–Ace of Cakes baker Duff Goldman doesn’t say much in this clip, but he seems to play a kind of mediating role while Waters and Bourdain duke it out with words … and their eyes. Angry, angry eyes.

Anthony Bourdain, Alice Waters and Duff Goldman [YouTube], via SF Eater
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