Ah, the Academy Awards … or as we plebians say, “the Oscars.” The Clog doesn’t get out the fancy gown from Ross and $4 champagne for just any awards show. But the Oscars are not just any awards show. Yes, over the years they’ve doubled the Best Movie nominations, and this year Kung Fu Panda 2 is up for Best Animated Feature – but the Academy Awards are still that one night of the year we choose to care about famous people and can be proud of liking pretentious movies films. When else can we show off our limited knowledge of film score and pretend we recognize the Art Direction nominees? And despite the selling out, people are still making great films. And tonight we celebrate those people. And the special effects guys.

Follow our live blog, detailing the ups and downs, the fashion faux pas, the decisions that seem so life-changing (until the credits roll). Put on your tux, sip on that André, and enjoy the ride:

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Ron Howard’s “Parenthood,” the highly anticipated television adaptation of a 1989 Steve Martin film bearing the same name, aired last week to a slew of mixed reviews. The Clog tuned in for two reasons: first, we miss swapping our blood with formaldehyde every week during “Six Feet Under” and will take any Peter Krause we can get, and second, the series is set in our very own Berkeley.

We live in a city typically presented to television audiences in the form of a overwrought free speech diatribe spouting from a wizened, toothless old man who could easily double as hobo or distinguished professor of Anthropology. Would NBC choose to capitalize on this stereotype, or perhaps Berkeley’s newer image as the charmingly unapologetic read more »

Sunday Shout-Out picks out the week’s stories that simply slipped our minds.

* This is really sad: A 5-year-old was hit by a truck and killed near Clark Kerr Campus. [SF Chron]

* That Oscars musical sequence was like vomit onstage. [AIWFB]

* Hey shorties, wanna model? Tyra wants you! [Snitch]

* FYI, that Stanford is no way affiliated with Stanford. [Paper Trail]

* Why the Daily Planet sucks, published by … [Daily Cal]

Image Source: Nick Fradkin, Daily Cal
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