black cowboyThe Oakland Black Cowboys Association’s 35th anniversary parade may have already happened this Saturday, but we couldn’t miss this opportunity to post about it anyway … if only for the fact that the words “mounted horseman” and “Oakland” may never be used in the same sentence again.

First of all: yes, we said Oakland Black Cowboys Association, and no, we have no idea what goes on at their meetings. Second: almost thirty percent of all cowboys were black. Yes, they exist. Thirdly: you can be a “third generation cowboy,” which we guess means that “cowboy” may be its own ethnicity.

The annual parade was held to commemorate “those who broke stereotypes after the Civil War by breaking horses in the West.” We can’t think of a better way to honor history than wearing your knee-high riding boots and your sword as you ride your horse down the streets of Oakland. Seriously.

Image Source: gwen under Creative Commons
Black Cowboys turn a page on American history [Inside Bay Area]

how berkeley can you be

In a fun-killing move of Palo Alto proportions, the yearly “How Berkeley Can You Be?” parade has been canceled. No doubt, a terrible gloom will hang over the alcohol and nudity free length of University Avenue this summer. This sad news follows a Fire and Police Department declaration that an extra $8,000 would be necessary to maintain safe levels of Berkeleyness at the event. Surely, a resounding cry of “lame” echoed from the heavens following this demand.

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Naked people! Drugs! Sex! People in completely outrageous getups! Okay, so it’s San Francisco, and this isn’t anything new, but SF’s annual LoveFest, the largest single-day electronic dance music event in America offers more nakedness, more people on drugs and uh, more outrageous costumes than usual. It’s like the city of San Francisco on acid. Actually, it really is the city of San Francisco … on acid. read more »

We couldn’t make it over to the “How Berkeley Can You Be?” parade earlier today, but we sent spies in our stead. And now, for your viewing pleasure: Berkeley. In full form.

"Dr. Strange-McCain." Hardy har. Except "McCain" isn't "love" in German. read more »

Image by Mr. Wright

In case you missed it, we’ve pulled together snaps of Pride weekend in a scrapbook, if you will. Next time you’ll know better than the sit on your duff at home. Above, some pinky dykes on bikes start us off on our queer journey.

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