Robert Reich tells 'em who's boss

Robert Reich tells 'em who's boss

Robert Reich. Whether you know him from Occupy Cal last fall, the Clinton administration, his Wealth and Poverty class, this video or are just a public policy junkie, you have to admit: that man knows how to speak. That may not seem like quite a statement about someone, but really, he can charm a crowd, lead them, make economics interesting and digestible. Did we mention this video? (Seriously, watch it).

So don’t miss out on seeing him tomorrow night, Thurs. Feb. 23 at Pauley Ballroom in MLK Jr. Student Union. He’ll be giving the “3rd Annual Michael Nacht Distinguished Lecture in Politics and Public Policy,” or as it’s less boring-ly called “2012: a Turning Point? If So, Which Way?” Basically, he’ll be telling us our future. read more »

This could be YOU GET EXCITED WOOOO.Because at PLAYgreen Festival II, you can potentially get free stuff! And you can definitely get free information on how to “live, play and work a greener lifestyle.” Don’t fight it–you know your life could benefit from a trip to “the Bay Area’s premier eco-experiential event.”

“Great!” you say, “Now I don’t have to wade through the mire of all those other Bay Area eco-experiential events, mucking up my path to eco-enlightenment. But what is it?” read more »

A-something, like-a this?In what we presume is an effort to increase transparency and respond to student concerns about the you-know-what, Chancellor Robert Birgeneau has agreed to meet with students in what ASUC Prez Will Smelko called a “STUDENT TOWN HALL” in an e-mail earlier today.

The “STUDENT TOWN HALL” will also feature Executive Vice Chancellor George Breslauer and Dean of Students Jonathan Poullard, not to mention “key student representatives,” who we’re sure are not in any way affiliated with the ASUC and are not in any way named “Will Smelko.”

We’re also sure that this “conversation” will be a very orderly and un-shit show-like event, where students and administrators, together, will make fair, rational arguments and everyone’s voice will be heard. read more »

The semester’s winding down, and you’re likely sick of anything that doesn’t involve watching tired old television reruns until your brains leak out your ears. But in case bumming around in that glamorous pink sweatshirt isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be, the Cal Career Center is hosting its annual Just in Time Job Fair this week at the Pauley Ballroom. Apr. 23 features science and engineering opportunities, while Apr. 24 will find the ballroom host to business companies and public service providers, in addition to a number of holdovers from the previous day.

Possible future employers include IBM, Microsoft, Nike China, PG&E and a handful of investment groups, but if making scads of money on Wall Street and retiring to frolic comfortably ever after in Hawaii isn’t your idea of a life well lived, consider traveling to save humanity in Africa with the Peace Corps, or rigging George Clooney’s car with the CIA as a foreign intelligence operative. read more »