Allo, allo fellow Bears! How is summer treating you? Tanning lots? No? Staying inside all day just staring at the computer screen? We knew it! Go outside and get some fresh air.

But if you insist on staying inside, here are some tips on getting that ol’ laptop a little more speedy when you turn it on. read more »

windows funny logoFinally managed to tame your Windows PC? Microsoft says, “Good! Here comes Windows 8.”

We knew it was coming, but why so soon? People always complain when a company updates a product line (we’re looking at you, Apple). However, consumers justify the corporate evils as long as the product in question proves itself to be a significant upgrade. Microsoft promises this by showing off a Windows 8 PC with amazing boot up times and a tablet-like interface that allows one to customize his or her own Metro Apps (think App Store except it’s Windows).

Fast computers and pretty eye candy are important to students, but reliability and stability are more important. The Clog surveyed a handful of Berkeley students and obtained … interesting results. read more »


We know, we sound a little blasé, but really, we’re quite happy about it. The Turing Award of technology, worth $250,000, was just given out to Charles Thacker, a Bay Area boy who helped make what is now thought of as “the world’s first modern personal computer.” He also co-invented Ethernet technology. (In other words, he is, and will remain, a PC).

Well bully for him, but what about the money? Thacker, a Berkeley alum, told reporters that “he would probably donate the money to his alma mater.”

Congratulations, Thacker, but don’t expect a parade in Berkeley until you pony up the dough. “Probably” don’t pay the bills.

Image source: Pacdog under Creative Commons
‘Nobel of Computing’ Goes to Early PC Designer [AP] via New York Times