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It’s pretty hot. Call the weather erratic if you wish, but one day of clouds and rain in a two week (and counting) streak of scorchers hardly qualifies as an excuse for being caught with your pants on and your shorts still folded in your drawers. However, should this occur, Peet’s got your back. Two-for-one iced beverages through Tuesday with this coupon. Anybody take ‘em up on this last time this offer rolled around?

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Beat the heat: 2-for-1 iced drinks at Peet’s through Tuesday [InBerkeley]

me iced coffeeThe heat is oppressive. No need to tell us; we’re well aware. While we sit withering in a state of reptilian-like inactivity, our corporate friends at Peet’s Coffee and Tea and McDonald’s have served up just enough incentive to peel our sweaty backsides off the sofa and go indulge in some of their sugared up iced beverages. They’re FREE (more or less). TIME IS RUNNING OUT. Here are the deets:

At Peet’s: Through tomorrow (the 17th), buy one iced beverage and get a second one free if you present this coupon.
At Mickey D’s: Free 8 0z hot mochas and 7 oz iced mochas every Monday through August 3 at participating locations. No coupons necessary.

Way to strategize, guys. We expect many a loser of “nose goes” will find themselves double-fisting some ice cold Peet’s this week.

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Beverage war continues [InBerkeley]

* Isn’t it protocol to have someone “uninvited” come to a frat party and then get kicked out? [Daily Cal]

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* Proof that even Berkeley professors wait until the last minute. [UCB LJ Tango & Cash full ]

* The original Peet’s Coffee & Tea re-opened. We didn’t even know it was closed. [Seattle Times]

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If only it was finals season–perhaps then we’d have a proper reason to down unhealthy amounts of caffeine this weekend. From Mar. 28-31, the Gaia Arts Center will host the 2008 Western Regional Barista Competition to see which California or Hawaii pros can brew the most outstanding cup o’ joe under massive pressure. And if you didn’t catch the hint–yes, there will be free coffee and espresso, compliments of regional roasters who want to show off their skills.

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