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We at the Clog are definitely fans of the astonishingly summer-esque weather of late. And what better way to celebrate the sunshine than to run amok in it? Here are a few of our favorite local parks in which to gallivant, ramble and generally make merry.

Tilden Regional Park
Tucked away in the hills running east of Berkeley and Kensington, the massive and fabulous Tilden Park seems a surprisingly well-kept secret given the number of students who have never been. Reasons why we love this hidden treasure: read more »


So, it turns out People’s Park is still just as sketchy as it seems. On Thursday night, a man who had been inhabiting one of the trees there for 89 days was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder, wherein he allegedly attacked another man with a knife while still in his tree.

While we try and fail to visualize this scene, it should be noted that the tree -sitter in question, Matthew Dott, is not to be confused with the tree-sitters at Memorial Stadium or that one guy in front of Wheeler. Tree-sitting is kind of a local hobby.

Dott, who’d previously stated he would, “be here however long it takes until this park remains a park,” whatever that means, came down from his tree voluntarily after police officers began moving in to remove him.

We’d like to think People’s Park is a little safer now, but probably not by much.

Image Source: Chris McDermut, Daily Cal
People’s Park Tree-Sitter Booked on Suspicion of Attempted Murder [Daily Cal]


Though the park was once a place of activism in the 1960′s, People’s Park is now mostly used as a gathering place for homeless people to, uh, chill. Oh, and sometimes there are hip-hop concerts there.

Among the more exciting occurrences at People’s Park is a small-scale protest going on now, as one man sits defiantly in a tree. He was joined on Halloween night by others who have renamed the park Muwekma which is the Ohlone word for “people.” So it’s  still called People’s Park, they are just saying people in a different language … got it.

IndyBay conducted an interview with the tree sitter Zachary RunningWolf. RunningWolf The tree sitter cited several reasons for the protest. One was that George Beier, a candidate running for District 7, wants to put a soccer field and museum in the park’s place. Another was that the university (Wadup UC Berkeley) is mutilating the park’s trees and veggies.

Zachary RunningWolf He closed the interview with, “Come join us, Come save Muwekma park.”

Note: Edited for accuracy to correct the spelling of RunningWolf’s name and to reflect the fact that the tree sitter was not in fact RunningWolf.

Image Source: djwudi under Creative Commons
RunningWolf promotes tree-sit in People’s Park [Berkeleyside]

3899423168_b9bbf0c208If you’ve been just as freaked out as folks at the Clog by the recent southside-wide exercise in arson, this should come as some relief.

One of People’s Park’s consistent denizens–Travis Eugene Churchill, whose mug strikes us as (not surprisingly) familiar–was arrested and charged Tuesday with setting fire to a recycling bin near Sam’s Market on Telegraph Avenue.

Surveillance footage shot a bit before 4 a.m. Tuesday morning caught Churchill leaving the scene of the crime; he was arrested in People’s Park at about 5 p.m. that day, wearing clothing identical to that of the perpetrator on film.

Although it’s currently unknown whether he’s connected to the previous fires, there is, according to Sgt. Mary Kusmiss, a “definitive link.” Not to point fingers or anything, but we totes thought it was drunk students all along.

Image Source: rococohobo under Creative Commons
Arrest in latest Berkeley arson fire [SF Gate]

Info! According to the Facebook event page for this year’s Hip Hop in the Park, “Someone said Hip Hop was Dead…they need to come (sic) to hip hop in the park! come out and see it vibrant and alive in its various forms!”

We don’t know about all that “dead” business, but we will agree that the annual concert and festival is, traditionally, like, way fun. There are cool local acts and people break-dancing and there’s usually enough of a crowd to make the day one of People’s Park’s least sketchy occasions of the year. Plus, it’s all free and the weather’s supposed to be pretty nice.

If you’re still on the fence, you should check out Daily Cal arts writer David Liu’s awesome review of a performance by headline act Blue Scholars. Or you could just, y’know, walk past the park on Saturday between 12 and 5 p.m. We doubt your ears will spontaneously start bleeding or whatever.

Hip Hop in the Park [Facebook]
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Zomg, LOVE!

Sunday Shout-Out picks out the week’s stories that simply slipped our minds.

These five professors are quite the dapper fellows–the 2010 Guggenheim fellows, that is. Ah yes, looks like the newly-minted AAAS members weren’t the only Berkeley profs kicking AAAS-s and taking academic names. SHING! (That’s the sound of an awesome joke being made.) [NewsCenter]

Nobody wins … again. [Daily Cal]

People’s Park celebrated its 41st birthday today. People FTW! Parks FTW! Birthdays FTW! [Facebook]

They’re number one! They’re number one (round NFL Draft picks)! [Daily Cal]

Image Source: Connie Chen, Daily Cal [Through the Looking Glass]
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ruby, rachel, noahOn Wednesday, Hillel hosted a discussion with local entrepreneur and founder of Noah’s Bagels(the first was on College Avenue), Noah Alper. There were doughnuts of plenty, an appropriate choice since they are essentially just the fried, frosted bastard children of the bagel. But we digress.

Noah is exactly how you’d picture him: a short, animated little Jewish fellow with a newsboy cap, an argyle vest and a whole lotta personality. The man has a serious knack for starting businesses but claims not to have much interest in the whole running part. He founded the first official health food store (now part of Whole Foods), then moved on to gourmet housewares before discovering bagels.

His only mistake was founding Holy Land Gifts Co., a company with the goal of “selling Israeli-made goods to Christian fundamentalists,” inspired by his first trip to Israel. He then jumped on the bagel bandwagon at a time when carbo loading was the new diet fad. When people realized that they actually had to run the marathon to lose weight, he explains, he got out of the bagel biz. read more »

homeless berkWhat other city can say that they have a park devoted solely to the lodging, recreation and other … questionable activities of their homeless population? What other city can say they have a newspaper dedicated to “empowering poor and homeless people and giving a voice to the voiceless?”

Ah, Berkeley. There’s a lot of competition for our spare change, yet there always seems to be an interminable number of cups vying to collect it. But despite the fact that those without a home seem to find this a nice place to lay their sleeping bag, Berkeley residents are apparently not so nice to them.

According to a recent report entitled “Homes Not Handcuffs,” by the National Law Center on Homelessness & Poverty and the National Coalition for the Homeless, Berkeley ranks number ten on their list of meanest cities in the nation. Ironically, all the cities making the top ten are known for their large homeless population. read more »


40951465_715ff45902This may come to no surprise for those of you who’ve ever walked home from a party by yourself past People’s Park when some unsuspecting gentleman exclaims “Daaayum girl, you’ve got some fine ankles!” Or maybe you’ve tried to silently weave through the sleeping quarters (a.k.a. the sidewalk) of snoring residents while tipsy: the People’s Park sobriety test.

Or perhaps you’ve tried to offer an unopened loaf of bread (name brand, we might add) only to be scoffed at and asked, “what am I supposed to do with that?” Our point is that People’s Park is not the kind of place you’d take your kids to play on the jungle gym or have a picnic, and the people who call it “home, sweet park” are not exactly ideal neighbors.

Just ask one Hillegass Avenue resident who recently confronted several People’s Parkians about their abandoned belongings on the sidewalk. The guy was reportedly pushed to the ground and then sprayed with his own hose in a brawl, last Wednesday, that we can only imagine was quite unpleasantly scented. Takeaway message: those creepers in the park that compliment your ankles late at night really are creepy.

Image Source: mary hodder under Creative Commons
Residents, Homeless Try To Coexist by People’s Park [Daily Cal]

Through its current incarnation and in ones past, the Clog’s upheld its fine tradition of bagging on everyone up to and including Mother Teresa, but this Saturday’s Berkeley Project is pretty much unassailable in our eyes.  Started in 2006, the Berkeley Project is a giant one-day service project dedicated to raising community awareness and bettering everything ever.  Need a wall painted over, your coastal shoreline mulched, your garden beautified and your back waxed?  Berkeley Project coordinators have it wrapped up, bro.

Yes, you say impatiently, but how does that directly affect us? And will the results be visible at all the next day? read more »

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