#YOLO-ing: The cop way

In what may be the greatest execution of #yolo yet, UC Davis police officer Lt. John Pike will not be facing criminal charges. Not only will he go down in history as the cop who infamously blasted Occupy protestors in the face with pepper spray last November, but also as the guy who actually got away with it.

Hey, as the saying goes, “YOLO!”

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Don’t try to deny it. Cal’s a great the best university, but it still has its drawbacks. As some of you may or may not know, the “hobos” around Berkeley are, for the most part, friendly and even interesting to talk to. However, there are a few shady people that most of us wouldn’t want to come across, especially after a satisfying late night at Foothill or Crossroads. Worst comes to worst, a delirious drunk dude comes at you, demanding money and unicorn blood! What can you do? Spray him down.

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