NakedNo, not that kind of naked! Naked as in the juice!

There’s a big ol’ canopy pitched on Upper Sproul Plaza (next to Sather Gate, you can’t miss it) and passersby can stop and taste a free sample of their popular flavors!

You all know how much we Cloggers love free food, and this little surprise definitely made walking to class a whole lot sweeter. We had a sip of our personal favorite, read more »

2411318874_ecc236e5ee_mDon’t tell us that you can’t taste a difference. There is one.

Coke trumps Pepsi, any day of the week. Mountain Dew is an outrageous rip-off of Sprite, and Naked, while appreciated, simply will not match up to good ol’ Odwalla.
Last month, Coca-Cola’s contract with Cal expired, leaving poor Berkeley students to suffer with the travesty that is Pepsi.

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