Vagina MonologuesBeen anywhere near Sproul these past couple of weeks? Even if you managed to avoid it like a trained ninja, everyone’s favorite word has still been hollered loud enough to hear from practically anywhere on campus. We know you’re all thinking of it. That’s right … vagina!

Continuing itsannual tradition, the student group V-Day is putting on a production of Eve Ensler’s The Vagina Monologues to raise money to help end violence against women. So what is your favorite method of advertising? We tucked a few away that stood out to us.

1. Gimme a V! Gimme an A! Gimme a G! You get the picture. Just in case you didn’t already know how to spell the biological term for lady part, V-Day took the time to remind you. Not just one, not just two, but there are at least five girls always on Sproul to help you win that upcoming integrative biology spelling bee.

2. I love vaginas! Whether this was being used literally or just to represent a love for women, we’re glad to know there exists such passion for the female form. Besides, it takes real guts to repeatedly proclaim that in public and with shirts that echo the sentiment.

3. Do you love vaginas? They love them, now prove you do too. Sometimes said in conjunction with the former exclamation and sometimes a standalone, you can once again choose how to interpret it. Symbolically, perversely, whatever you want. Just agree and take a flier.

4. Help end violence against women? Apart from the performance’s title, we fully admit they don’t always go around just yelling about vaginas. And how can you say you don’t want to help save lives? You’d look like a pretty big douchebag brushing them off with a “No, thanks.” Once again, take a flier and at least say you’ll think about it.

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While walking through Sproul we were lucky enough to pass this gem.

We halted, taken aback by a group of adorable men wearing matching shirts that said “All the King’s Men.” we stayed for a little while, wondering if they were some sort of British themed group at Cal that we hadn’t heard of. We enjoyed their fresh arrangements and quirky moves, especially their medley of songs featuring California. During the medley’s segment of “California Girls” a handsome singer actually pulled up an audience member!

Upon further research, we discovered that the group hails from King’s College in LONDON. That’s right. A group of delightful British boys are blessing our campus. Why are they here? read more »


Ah, it’s the beginning of February and the weeks are slowly ramping up to Valentine’s Day and the fabulous candy discounts that come afterwards in supermarkets everywhere (let’s admit it, the cheap chocolate is better than the holiday itself, yes?). However, in the midst of Valentine preparations for your special someone, make sure not to forget another upcoming, important tradition. UC Berkeley will be showing their 11th annual production of playwright Eve Ensler’s  “Vagina Monologues” in honor of V-Day this week. read more »

Devo – Whip It Live in UC Berkley, Sproul Plaza 1988

Complete with props, the Clog’s favorite kitsch/kink New Wave band performs its biggest hit. On Lower Sproul Plaza? What? This makes no sense, until you realize that “Whip It” came out eight years before this clip. But still, crazy man, crazy.

The Grateful Dead- Scarlet Begonias 1988

The Dead? In Berkeley? Well, we don’t see the connection, but maybe you do. From the Greek Theatre.

Corinne Bailey Rae- Breathless

Also at the Greek. From a recent show. Turn down the lights, babe, the Clog is gettin’ its grove on.

Talking Heads- Warning Signs 1978

It takes about 30 seconds for the video to start, but stick with it. Devo … Talking Heads … it’s almost like we have a theme going here.


Devo- Whip It [YouTube]

Grateful Dead-Scarlet Begonias [YouTube]

Corinne Bailey Rae- Breathless [YouTube]

Talking Heads- Warning Signs [YouTube]