Jericho! put out a great video last semester asking their professors “how did they dance?,” and finally they have their answer. Professors, grad students and post-doctoral researchers have them beat in the departments of humor and embarrassing things that possibly should not be on the Internet.

Basically, people were invited to dance out their dissertations:

The contest is open to anyone who has (or is pursuing) a Ph.D. in any scientific field, such as physics, chemistry, biology, psychology, anthropology, or in science-related fields such as mathematics, engineering, linguistics, bioethics, the history of science, etc. regardless of whether you’ve remained in academia.

Below, two videos from UC Berkeley grad students and our favorite pick from last year’s contest. read more »

Tsinghua University

Remember the days when you could walk into a cafe, find a stranger to talk to and say, “isn’t it great how Cal produces more Ph.D. hopefuls for U.S. doctoral programs than any other university … in the WORLD?” Neither do we. But the point is that those days are over.

It’s not that we lost our No. 1 spot to Stanford or Harvard, which might be forgivable, but to two foreign institutions—Beijing and Tsinghua Universities, says The Mercury News. read more »