Come July 1, rent for legendary “straight edge” East Bay venue 924 Gilman will be scaled up almost three grand. That’s an extra 31 grand a year. Well shoot, landlord. That’s not very punk of you.

Gilman is offering merch for kindhearted philanthropists willing to throw down $25 dollars or more for the cause. If there are any old Billie Joe Armstrong cassettes rattling in your sock drawer, it’s safe to say you owe these guys a buck or two. Help them make ends meet.

Image Source: wikimedia under Creative Commons
924 Gilman’s Future in Jeopardy? [East Bay Express]

There may be shady folks trying to take advantage of the goodness of Berkeley citizens’ hearts, but not all people who ask for donations are out to trick people out of their money. Many people are legitimately trying to fund the betterment of the world, and you can be one of them (without joining the Greek system)! Here are a few good causes you can be a part of this summer:

On Sunday, July 20, a huge, campus-wide team of UC Berkeley students, faculty and staff will walk it out for a good cause–the San Francisco’s AIDS Walk. Join the Cal team (listed under University of California, Berkeley – 0087), or start your own in order to raise money for the San Francisco AIDS Foundation and other Bay Area HIV/AIDS organizations.

Prefer to get your hands dirtier? Save the Bay will host several Wetland Restoration Project events in the next two months, including one tomorrow.

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