father's day dadIt’s Father’s Day — hope you remembered to send a card to your dear sweet pops. Or called or something. Heck, we’ve seen people honoring their dads by changing their Facebook profile pictures to favorite father-and-son/daughter snapshots from childhood. It’s how we young folks say “I love you” in the digital age.

OK, we’re getting away from the point: It’s Father’s Day. And in May we had Mother’s Day. But it takes more than Mom and Dad to raise the kids. Isn’t there that famous saying that claims it takes a village … ?

There is no Co-Parents Day to celebrate the other adults who are instrumental in nurturing a child, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t. UC Berkeley psychologist Philip Cowan confirms the importance of co-parents (life partners, caregivers, relatives, etc.) who aren’t necessarily fathers. Says Cowan, read more »