3090392047_4c7cbd57c3As if it isn’t enough that she helped capture Phillip Garrido, Ally Jacobs continues to restore our faith in humanity. She saved Jaycee Dugard, she’s been on Oprah, and now UCPD officer Jacobs recently visited her alma mater, Santa Margarita Catholic High School, to dispense her wisdom.

What’d she have to say? The main idea is trust your instincts. “Just listen to your voice. It’s always right, it’s there for a reason,” Jacobs explained. She used her own life as an example. She saw Garrido with the girls and knew something wasn’t quite right, so she did a little extra digging.

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Sunday Shout-Out picks out the week’s stories that simply slipped our minds.

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Image Source: Shirin Ghaffary, Daily Cal [ASIB]
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You best be keeping that foot off my couch.
Since the darn storm is keeping you in, what will you be doing today at four o’clock? That’s right, you will be watching Oprah.

No, it’s not to see her interview the elusive Cormac McCarthy, or to see the now passé Tom Cruise couch-jumping incident. This time it’s something a little closer to home. Oprah will be interviewing UCPD’s Lisa Campbell and Ally Jacobs, the two brave police officers whose keen eyes led to the arrest of kidnapper Phillip Garrido.

The Clog is grateful that these ladies are getting their moment in the spotlight. Campbell, whose mother worked with Oprah’s security detail in the ’80s, is thrilled by the experience. “The entertainment giant is a ‘shero,’ Campbell says. ‘She has dedicated her life to sharing her gifts and talent, and changing one consciousness at a time.’”

We can think of a few more sheroes, actually. They’ll be on Oprah tonight. You won’t want to miss it.

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UCPD’s Lisa Campbell and Ally Jacobs get their 15 minutes on Oprah [UC Berkeley News]

The Jewel reference has been eating away at us for weeks. Possibly not in the best of taste, but we never claimed to be the classiest.

Onward: Lisa Campbell, UC Berkeley police specialist, will be honored tonight for her role in read more »


We at UC Berkeley are collectively thrilled about the capture of Phillip Garrido last week. And it’s fantastic that our campus played a role in setting Jaycee Dugard free to her family; that obviously goes without saying.

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232958876_0a6bb073feMan passing out leaflets about “Schizophrenia and God’s Will” on campus: meh. Man flyering about “Schizophrenia and God’s Will” with two pale, blond, blue-eyed “robotic”-looking girls: S-K-E-T-C-H. Or so was the logic of UCPD officers Lisa Campbell and Allison Jacobs.

Jacobs described the kids as being programmed – “almost like ‘Little House on the Prairie’ meets robots.” She thanks her “motherly intuition” for enabling her to spot alleged kidnapper/child abuser/former LSD addict/supercreep Phillip Garrido.

Even though he was known on his block as “Creepy Phil” and his home was subject to regular visits and searches (the man even wore a GPS-linked ankle bracelet that tracked his every move), the fact that he was housing his kidnap victim – and the two kids he fathered with her – in his backyard for the past 18 years remained a mystery to the rest of the world. read more »