You heard us right. Get your fashionista on, snap a few photos and you could end up with 1,000 clams.

Deadline for Crossroad’s photo competition is May 31. A panel of their judges will pick the pictures, but there is a completely useless and unnecessary rating system

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if the public is so inclined. The top four will get some monetary love:
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What better way to tell your lover “Let’s bone” than with the gift of a limited edition autographed poster immortalizing sexy at its lowest point in recorded history: when 100ish scary people got naked in the oak grove to have their picture taken.

That’s right. It’s been less than a week, but for a mere $50 (or $25 unsigned) you’ll be the proud owner of a 16 inch by 20 inch “Last Stand” poster that captures the perversion of sexy in the form of dozens of contorted naked people around and in the trees—signed by the atrocity’s mastermind, photographer Jack Gescheidt.

Perhaps the biggest question here: how is Gescheidt’s signature worth $25, especially since, to our chagrin, he didn’t even drop trou’ for shoot? Seriously, how does a person determine value of his or her own signature?

Gescheidt’s Web site doesn’t mention to where the proceeds are going, so we can’t help but wonder if the whole stunt was just a ploy to raise money to buy a new set of organic sustainable hemp sheets.