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Don’t Let Me Be Lonely: A Photography Exhibit | UC Berkeley Art Studio | Opening Reception | Friday April 15th | 6-9pm

We here at the Clog are no novices when it comes to cell-phone photography: the paltry megapixel count won’t deter us from firing up that camera app and capturing the nearest scene of interest in a grainy, vintage sepia.

But despite our love for the mobile art, we could never claim to have our work featured in our own exhibition. That honor would instead have to go to Desmond Goble, Sean Mancillas and Matthew Quan – creators of the tumblr poundingserfs – whose photographs will be on display at the UC Berkeley Art Studio beginning this Friday in a show entitled “Don’t Let Me Be Lonely.”

The three friends live in different parts of the state, but maintain their blog of unedited cell snapshots to “document their individual surroundings and create a photographic dialogue.” Hmm. So is it art, or just a picture of someone’s breakfast? Goble, Mancillas and Quan’s beautifully subtle collection has managed to convince us that it can be both.

Don’t Let Me Be Lonely opens this Friday, April 15, with a reception from 6-9 p.m. We’ll be going, despite the fact that the featured photographs will undoubtedly make our own “hipstamatic” cell snapshots look like garbage. But it’s okay; we only took those photos ironically…

Don’t Let Me Be Lonely [Bay Area Arts]
Image Source: Matthew Quan

Morning Sernity by Brenda WalkerDespite current cultural trends, you don’t actually have to be a hipster to be a photographer. In fact, both disposable cameras and those fancy schmancy Nikons are welcome at the Berkeley Path Wanderers Association a.k.a. photowalks. For those of you who are unfamiliar with photowalks, they are exactly that … walks on which you take photos. Deceptive title, isn’t it?

Members of the association venture to various parks and outdoor settings to express their appreciation for nature through picture taking. While there are many professional photographers involved, rookies are more than welcome to soak up mother nature’s gifts and pick up some photo tips along the way. read more »

2167920199_7ac4509e15That probably depends on your definition of “kinky,” although Berkeley Repertory Theatre‘s newest attraction certainly does seem to have some critics pretty hot and bothered.

“Concerning Strange Devices from the West,” just a couple weeks into its world premiere, is apparently all kinds of sexy … which we initially found kind of weird, considering it’s a play about cameras. Kind of. Naomi Iizuka’s script traverses a chronological spectrum from 1800s Japan to contemporary Tokyo, examining just how the introduction of photography affected Japanese culture throughout the last couple centuries.

There’s obviously a lot more going on (we’ve pieced together a mental montage that includes beautiful women undressing, hot tattoos and flashes of seizure-inducing, strobe-esque light), meaning if you want a more coherent idea of the real force behind “Strange Devices” you’ll have to hit the Berkeley Rep! Show runs till April 11, most days of the week at a range of times and for a range of prices we’re too overwhelmed to attempt to convey.

Image Source: kelvin255 under Creative Commons
On Location: ‘Strange Devices’ Berkeley Rep [StarkSilverCreek]
Strange Devices [Berkeley Rep Theatre]

Entrance into Exhibition

OK, so you know how we mentioned that photography exhibition–Berkeley without Shadow–in the Wurster Hall lobby on Friday evening? We actually ended up going, and it was totally, well, illuminating. Visual Studies 186 students took on unusual angles for looking at Downtown to poignantly portray oft-unnoticed aspects of the city–and we’re not just saying that to shamelessly plug the work of the Clog’s own captain, Patrici Flores, photographing Berkeley’s homeless. read more »