Faculty Glade (a.k.a. 4.0 Hill) is too hilly, People’s Park is too hippie, and sidewalk picnics tend to turn into “34 Ways To Fry Your Ass.” However, after a Daily Cal “company picnic potluck,” we found that with a few “Why didn’t we think of that?” seeds of wisdom–a summer picnic on Memorial Glade can prove to be fun, easy and relaxing.

1. Bring Your Own Cup

Guests are quick to call dibs on bringing plates and utensils. Beverages are next on the list of almost-bringing-nothing-but-I’m-still-bringing-something. Really, though, we take these items for granted, because even if no one thinks of the spoons or apple juice–hands really are five-pronged forks, and we can save our spit ’til we find a drinking fountain. A smart picnic-goer, however, remembers to bring his or her own cup. There’s no way around sneaking a sip from the 2-liter store-brand, flat soda without everyone labeling you as a douchebag, but bring your own cup and folks will smile and say “That’s why you got into Berkeley!” read more »