sliver 2“Cheeseboard is too f**king far,” seems like a common mantra for Southside UC Berkeley students who just want a slice of that amazing vegetarian pizza that makes you forget it’s vegetarian and then have to resort to Fat Slice or something. And I don’t think it’s a matter of laziness here, but seriously, sometimes it’s just not worth going all the way to Downtown Berkeley for pizza when we’re so busy with doing schoolwork, procrastinating, being on the fringes of frat-boy alcoholism and reading the “Interest” sections of our current crushes on Facebook.

So, what’s your reaction when I say that since you won’t lug your butt to Cheeseboard, the essence and glory of Cheeseboard brought itself to you? I’m not even kidding. I think it’s time to welcome and try out a new pizzeria that has already stirred up a growing presence in Berkeley, and that popular baby is Sliver Pizzeria on Center Street.

Sliver is literally as if Cheeseboard popped out a kid, or if it learned it had a long-lost brother, because they are nearly identical in concept and pizza quality. read more »

Day of Action Protest 9/22

You may or may not have heard, but today was a “Day of Action” on campus. Students were called to protest fee hikes by attending a noon rally on Sproul Plaza and then marching around campus to make sure that our collective student voice was heard.

But, like most Berkeley protests as of late, this one seems to be a bit of a dud. Turnout was low and student participation was murky at best. Though there were moments of action, we could hardly say that it was enough to merit the title of the day. For play-by-play coverage, check out the Daily Cal’s live blog, complete with photos that are easily worth more than a thousand words.

Last we heard was that a bunch of protesters were sitting in Tolman Hall and nomming on some pizza. Which is cool — we get it, pizza’s tasty — though we must say, it’s hard to take anyone seriously when they’ve got a mouthful of pepperoni.

Shit might get real if the protesters refuse to leave Tolman at 10 p.m. (when the Hall officially closes), but until then we’ll just have to just wait and see …

Image Source: Giana Tansman, Daily Cal

pfaOh, to be a freshman again when it seemed like the free things would never end. The Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive will be hosting an event which features free pizza and classic art posters this Thursday, August 25 at 7 p.m. Not only freshman, but incoming transfers can get into the event free of charge with an official Cal I.D.

After this, students as well as the public can enjoy a free movie screening. Sci-fi movie “It Conquered the World” will be shown in the sculpture garden, providing a quaint little environment in which to see the movie.

Students will also be able to ask members of the BAM/PFA Student Committee questions about the museum, as they will be present at the event. So take advantage of your first year, opportunities for free pizza sadly diminish as time goes on.

Image Source: Thomas Hawk under Creative Commons
Posters, pizza and outdoor Roger Corman movie part of BAM/PFA’s fall semester welcome for new students [UC Berkeley NewsCenter]

pizzaWe’ll keep this short, because you need all time you can get to eat. Pepe’s Pizza, which opened at 2516 Durant on March 10, offers a $6.99 buffet. No, you read correctly. $6.99 for all the pizza you can eat.

And its not just pizza. The buffet includes salad, soup, pizza, pasta, soft drinks and – yeah, that’s right, chocolate dessert pizza. So hurry up and get there before we eat everything!

Image Source: squidpants under Creative Commons
Open near campus: Pepe’s Pizza for hungry folk [Berkeleyside]

2441335925_3228a98978Count pizza among the handful (OK, probably more than just a handful) of foods we just can’t get enough of. Meaning we’re stoked to hear that another pizzeria is going public and joining Berkeley’s formidable foodie ranks tomorrow.

Technically, Addie’s Pizza Pie celebrated its grand opening this past weekend, and judging by the multiple reviews that have already debuted via Yelp, their reception is looking pretty enthusiastic. And because you obviously can never have too many launch parties, they’re having their fo-real fo-real “Addie’s Pizza Pie Opening” on Sept. 15 from 4-7 p.m.

The restaurant’s Twitter also advertises a menu featuring frozen custard (something we’ve never had the joy and rapture to encounter on the West Coast), plus weekly live music at their 3290 Adeline location — all of which might make up for those three ominous dollar signs foreshadowing deflated wallets to come.

Image Source: weasello under Creative Commons
Addie’s Pizza Pie finally ready to open in Berkeley [SF Gate]

An anti-Scientology movement involving no resources, money, physical location or reliable followers sparked a recent U.C. Irvine academic paper, the fruits of which were presented yesterday at the Pacific Sociological Association conference in Oakland.

The paper is called “Project Chanology, Scientology & Memes: Shifting Notions of Movement Frames & Protest Strategy in the Age of Internet Culture.” From what we can tell, these protests seem to be a rick rollin’ way to let off some steam. Pseudo-libertarian stick-it-to-man efforts, like calling in hundreds of pizza orders to the orgs read more »

Emilia's Pizzeria_by_lesleyk

Quickly, how many pizza places in Berkeley can you rattle off the top of your head? Over 10 (if you’re weird … )? Odds are Emilia’s Pizzeria wasn’t on that list.

Intrigued yet? If so, find yourself an 18 bus (or just walk) down to Ashby and Shattuck avenues for a taste of something different.

Disclaimers: You can’t buy pizza by the slice, it’s cash only and the place closes once there’s no more pizza dough.

Location: 2995 Shattuck Ave.
Price: Around $20 per pizza (8 slices), depending on toppings.
Notes: Call ahead so you’re sure to get a pizza.

Image Source: lesleyk under Creative Commons
Emilia’s Pizzeria
Earlier: Riva Cucina Brings the Heat


Cheeseboard pizza deserves a pilgrimage, worth even a trek on foot when you just can’t wait for the bus. Some Berkeleyans prefer Zachary’s, but if you want your pizza on the lighter side, there’s no better place than the collective down Shattuck Avenue.

read more »

For the first time ever, now you can vote for your favorite weird or stimulating Clog picture. Will it be the chainsaw lady, the pimp cup, the Girl Scout or the pizza? It’s up to you, dear readers:

Below, some more info on this week’s contestants.

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As a brilliant advertiser once said, “Pizza in the morning, pizza in the evening, pizza at suppertime … ” Well, with all the pizza available in Berkeley, you can eat pizza any time. In fact, there’s so much pizza in Berkeley that we had to limit our pizza crawl to a certain type of slice–New York style. (Sorry, but that means Zachary’s and Cheeseboard are out.)

Our pizza odyssey begins at Fat Slice. We decide that a slice of pepperoni will be our standard. We also come up with a system for measuring the “grease factor” that consists of us counting the number of napkins through which the grease on a chunk of the given slice permeates. It’s fool-proof–or so we think… read more »

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