We’ve mentioned before how science fascinated many during their childhood. Who wasn’t awed by the adventures of Ms. Frizzle? Thankfully, Cal is not only a place for us (now) bitter and jaded college students; the Lawrence Hall of Science offers various exhibitions to further cultivate children’s delight in the sciences. Although we at The Daily Clog are a good 10 years over the intended demographic group, we decided to take a trip up to the LHS planetarium. And why not? We were probably going to spend that that time re-watching episodes of  “30 Rock” over and over again, anyway. read more »


Just in case you needed another grand opening to attend, it sounds like the Lawrence Hall of Science is unveiling their new planetarium this weekend, and to celebrate, you can come by and learn everything you could ever possibly conceivably want to know about Mars.

There will be instructions on how to spot Mars in the night sky, as well as a chance to look at it through a telescope and learn about its environment. So, if you’re a really big fan of Mars, or just need something to take your mind off of last night’s football game, you might want to drop by. The event has been ongoing throughout the weekend, and doors will be open from 2:30 to 4:30 p.m. this afternoon at the Lawrence Hall of Science Holt Planetarium.

Image Source: TopTechWriter.US’ under Creative Commons
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