Sunday Shout-Out picks out the week’s stories that simply slipped our minds.

* Someone pooped UC Berkeley’s party. So much for celebrating Darwin’s contributions to science. [Drudge Retort]

* National security much? Computers from Los Alamos National Laboratoy walk off. [Daily Cal]

* Quote of the week: “I honestly don’t know if he’s a crazy or a professor.” [UCB LJ]

* Starcraft + DeCal + YouTube = entertainment for anyone who’s bored or high. [YouTube]

Image Source: Anna Vignet, Daily Cal
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Earlier this week, Chinese doctors released the first definition of Internet addiction. Consider it in beta mode. Could you be one of the sufferers?

Do you yearn to get back online? Check.
Spend at least six hours a day online? Probably.
Do you have difficulty concentrating or sleeping? Concentrating, word.

Hi, we’re the Clog, and we’re Internet-aholics.

Apparently, 80 percent of addicts can be treated, and treatment lasts three months. We bet it has something to do with taking away the Internet, and that would be a no-go for us. We don’t have a problem–we’re just ahead of our analog times, that’s all.

Image Source: galina135 under Creative Commons
China issues first definition of Internet addiction [China Daily]
via Lifehacker