So we’re among the greenest colleges in the nation. Big deal. Have you actually PLEDGED anything to your beloved Mother Earth recently? Come to think of it, when was the last time you saw a Disney movie?

Thankfully, there is a free screening of Disneynature’s new documentary “OCEANS” (yeah, it’s that important) to solve both of your problems. The screening is tonight April 21st in Wheeler auditorium from 8 to 9:30. It’s free to get in–all you have to do is take the pledge to save your oceans here and the ticket will be emailed or texted to you at your earliest convenience.

Your conscience will be clear, your pledge will be made, and you get to see a movie a day before it’s officially released. Plus, you might even get to see something crazy.

At the very least, though, your righteous greener-than-thou attitude will gain some real-world cred, just in time for your next rant about pollution to that guy who sits next to you in your Poli Sci class.

Image source: CLF under Creative Commons
OCEANS Movie Screening [UC Berkeley Events Calendar]

U Can haz just 1 beer with me be4 reading?… Because it’s Collegiate Alcohol Awareness Week, guys! Did you know that? Well, we’ve been counting down the days since, like, last year. No–since, like, forever. It’s just that exciting. And well-publicized.

OK, so we don’t live in the res halls anymore. Maybe the freshmen are totally up on it. We bet there are signs plastered to every available surface in Crossroads. But for some reason, we just don’t know if kids these days will appreciate the subtle fun-making genius of events like this:

Meet Your Neighbor Day
Friday October 23
Drinking & parties can disrupt others’ sleep and study. But when we know our neighbors’ names, lifestyles and priorities, we are more considerate.  So make the extra effort today to meet and exchange key information with all your neighbors. read more »