Ok, so maybe it’s not quite that thick, disgusting or unfortunate. The level of air pollution has, however, violated the new federal smog standard in all nine counties of the San Francisco Bay Area on 11 days this year.

We BART, we bus, we even bike … what more do they want from us?! We’re going to level with you, though: With the old federal standards, we polluted our ozone – shall we say – “too much” only once last year.

Take-home message: We aren’t really dirtying our humble means of breathing any more than we were last year, but the powers that be are still recoiling from the predictions of Disney and Pixar’s Wall-E. They’re not going to stop poking at us until we’ve overcrowded both BART and Bicycle Boulevard.

Image Source: Foxtongue under Creative Commons
Bay Area struggles to meet new smog standards [Contra Costa Times]


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