potOakland has always been a leader in the fight for cannabis legalization. Back in 2007, it became the home of the nation’s first cannabis college and as of Tuesday, will become the first city in the nation to have a business-tax category for cannabis operations.

The new measure places a 1.8 percent tax on the four licensed medical pot dispensaries in Oakland. Many club owners see this as a step toward legitimization of the pot industry, and California sees it as a way of getting some extra moolah. Marijuana is California’s biggest cash crop after all. read more »

Alright, Berkeley. We know you like to indulge in a little “Mary Jane” every now and then. We can smell it in the air on Telegraph Ave. Annd … pretty much everywhere else in the city. So what say you about this?

Apparently some local networks have refused to air the above ad because it “promotes marijuana use,” but if that glassy-eyed robot lady really is an example of a “real marijuana user” then we must respectfully disagree. Also, we’re kind of in favor of anything that would help the state out of its massive budget pothole (get it? Get it?!). read more »

The Feds charged a group of Oakland residents in federal court today in connection with an alleged marijuana goody operation.

The operation, known to authorities as Tainted, Inc., allegedly made and sold to local cannabis clubs pot-laden cookies, brownies, candy, ice cream—all the munchies Cloyne seems to love so dearly.

The accused were charged by federal prosecutors, under which law marijuana is a Schedule I substance and use of any kind is considered a felony.

One of the attorneys cried “Conspiracy!” after the defendants were warned against using drugs before their Oct. 19 hearing. He seems to think California’s Proposition 215 legalizing marijuana supersedes, you know, the government that allowed states to have their own laws. Maybe if he waits for California to secede

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