With the presidential election coming up in November, people are already getting ready to cast their votes toward their favored presidential candidate. Be it Barack Obama or Mitt Romney, time will tell who voters will decide to take the reins of our country for the next four years. However, in the world of the “Ultimate Universe” of Marvel comics, that decision has already been made. That’s right folks; the new commander-in-chief is none other than the star-spangled man himself, Steve Rogers aka Captain America. And contrary to how we often do things on the Clog, no, we’re not joking. read more »

We’d say “How embarrassing,” but that’d be a little redundant, seeing as how this is the man who choked and fainted while eating a pretzel, is known for his “unique” aphorisms and has a slew of YouTube compilation videos devoted to his less-than-presidential moments.

Apparently the shoes came flying after Bush declared that there’s still “more work to be done” in Iraq while at a news conference in Baghdad yesterday. We really can’t blame the journalist, though–haven’t we all had our “Oh-my-god-Bush-is-such-an-idiot-I-want-to-pelt-him-with-footwear” moments? But maybe we haven’t all wanted to exclaim “This is a farewell kiss, you dog!” while doing so, like the alleged shoe-flinger.

“All I can report is it is a size 10,” Bush said after a successful dodge. He called the incident a sign of democracy, saying, “That’s what people do in a free society, draw attention to themselves.” Props to Muntader al-Zaidi for boldly taking journalism where it has never gone before.

Raw Video: Iraqi Journalist Throws Shoe at Bush [YouTube]
Bush: Iraq war is not over, more work ahead [Yahoo! News]

The San Francisco Bay Guardian released its endorsements earlier this week, and there are no surprises for the biggie propositions or for the presidential candidate. Peruse the arguments on the SFBG site if you need some fodder for your absentee vote or just need something to tide you over until the Daily Cal tells you how to vote. Keep in mind that we are no way endorsing these endorsements … but you can use them as a springboard.

* Barack Obama (duh)

California Ballot Measures
* Proposition 1A (high speed rail bond): an exuberant Yes
* Proposition 2 (farm animal protection): Yes
* Proposition 3 (children’s hospital bonds): No
* Proposition 4 (parental notification and wait period for abortion): a resounding No
* Proposition 5 (treatment instead of jail): Yes
* Proposition 6 (prison spending): a loud No
* Proposition 7 (renewable-energy generation): No
* Proposition 8 (ban on same-sex marriage): an absolute No
* Proposition 9 (restrictions on parole): another strong No
* Proposition 10 (alternative-fuel vehicles bond): No
* Proposition 11 (redistricting commission): No
* Proposition 12 (veterans bond act): Yes

The SFBG folks also weighed in on East Bay goings-on and congressional races. Don’t forget that Oct. 20 is the last day to register to vote in the state of California, and you know, it might behoove you to register with your Berkeley address.

Image Source: Poppyseed Bandits under Creative Commons
Endorsements 2008 [SFBG]

If the information is correct, it appears that one of the following will be representing YOU as ASUC president next year. We’ve taken the occasion to point out some vital factors that will definitely affect “the issues” that rock the typical ASUC elections.

Travis Garcia (Independent) is that guy who was on the Daily Cal’s front page for starting the gay fraternity. We’re not sure how voting for him gets a lime in our Coronas, but the posters are an improvement for not having the word DONE anywhere on them. And then there’s the Web site, but that’ll have to wait.

Ilana Nankin (Student Action) is one of the most popular candidates with 1,724 very close friends at Berkeley. Her feet must be really tired from all the people she had to walk to class last year to earn her current senate seat. She is well within the Student Action safe space as a Greek.

Justin Azadivar (BEARS-United): A man who strives for a lot, Mr. Beetle Beat is running for all five executive seats simultaneously. But there’s more to it than a defunct party name and loads of ambition. An ardent follower of the Judicial Council, you bet he’ll make more suits this season than the Men’s Warehouse. With drama in the making, we’re all over the movie-rights possibilities.

Dimitri Garcia (Defend Affirmative Action Party): The second but no less Garcia on the ballot, he is also a current senator. We couldn’t find a DAAP Web site or even a decent Facebook group calling into question how strongly Dimitri Garcia truly believes his favorite quote:

bq. “To communicate with the youth, you must first learn their language.”

Eric Marshall (University Progress) is the greenest candidate we’ve seen in a while. Despite his political career launch via Facebook. Judging from his March Madness bracket percentage, he’s right about 70.83% of the time when the going is easy. That might be the best reason to vote for any candidate.

Joe Rothberg (SQUELCH!): There’s nothing worse than a SQUELCH! candidate that is serious about his or her campaign and/or isn’t funny in the process. But Rothberg’s consideration for the serious Solicitor General position in October revealed:

bq. He did not have any intention of actually attempting to be a Senator and he basically ran under the pretext that he had served in nine foreign wars and was a professional puppy saver from burning buildings, and just wanted the T-shirt.

As for this time around, we’re left to ponder: Is he or isn’t he?

Van Nguyen (CalSERVE) not only is the tallest member of the CalSERVE executive slate but also stands with a party that doesn’t update its website. Now imagine the ASUC not updating itself…its bylaws perhaps.