Oh, see the FRUIT!

Ah, a classic tale of westward expansion.  Once there was a grocery store. Nay, it wasn’t merely a grocery store. It was a veritable produce orgy. It was an Eden of obscure comestibles, packed side by side into aisles upon upon aisles of deliciousness.  It seemed to be a foodie’s paradise on Earth–and all right here in Berkeley on Oregon Street.

But this promise land–this bastion of food purity, this oasis of organic in a world rapidly transforming into a desert of Safeways and Albertson’s–soon became a battle ground. read more »

Next time you feel up your fruit at Berkeley Bowl, think twice before going to second base with your cherry tomato.

Raphael Breines was nabbed in the Berkeley Bowl parking lot — a.k.a. “Berkeley Brawl” for its infamous tales of Bowl-shopper brutes and automobile savagery — by premise security. He was apparently caught taste-testing in the apricot section on Berkeley Bowl security cameras. The man couldn’t doggone choose between two breeds of apricots, and now must face the consequences: banned from the Bowl for life. read more »