moniesBetcha didn’t know this, but Berkeley’s scavenged together a $1.1 billion war chest in an attempt to fend off the greedy paws of Harvard and Yale Universities. What ever for? Well, let’s just say that someone’s gon’ get bitchslapped if they make a grab for Cal’s professors again.

With the state’s deficit crisis on one hand and the filthy rich coffers of private universities on the other, Berkeley’s not in a very good position to compete for top-notch faculty or even keep the ones they’ve got now. We’re still the, quote, “jewel in the crown of public higher education.” But since 2003, we’ve lost at least 30 faculty members to eight main competitors. Leading them? Harvard. No one is surprised.

The extra money will go towards endowing chairs for 100 positions. Most of us can only dream of jobs where “$130,000 a year” means “30% underpaid”, but fingers crossed – these are our professors, after all. Berkeley Raises $1.1 Billion to Keep Professors From Ivy League [Bloomberg]

800px-golden_russet_apple.jpgSometimes, professors need concrete proof of students’ appreciation–proof that doesn’t consist of sucking up during office hours in hopes of a glowing letter of recommendation. And so students created the “The Golden Apple Award for Outstanding Teaching,” named so because it historically incites intense jealousy in the community of professors who don’t win the honor.

In 2007, students nominated a total of 54 professors. Five were finalists, and department of history Professor Leon Litwack eventually claimed the honor during his last semester teaching.

The 2008 nomination process is now open and goes until Apr. 6. After choosing the winner, the ASUC, California Alumni Association and Berkeley Hillel go to the professor’s classroom with an undoubtedly welcome surprise of a $2500 award and a symbolic basket of apples.

Want to be a part of the post-nomination selection process? Turn in a resume to participate in choosing the “fairest” professor of them all!

Image Source: Abrahami under Creative Commons
Golden Apple Award [ASUC]
Students adore retiring historian [News Center]

It seems college professors are chomping at the bit to see a Democrat overtake the Oval Office in 2008. According to the Center for Responsive Politics, American professors donated $7 million to presidential campaigns just this year–that’s more than any other industry, even the big drug and oil industries.

Who’s the favorite among the profs? None other than college-student favorite, Barack Obama. He ranks No. 1 with $1.5 million donated in the campaign’s first six months. Hillary Clinton follows him with almost $940,000 collected.

The University of California is one of the top donors, second only to Harvard University. Hell, we even beat Stanford in the dollar race.

From Education Nation, the top colleges (thanks to their professors) stand as follows:

bq. 1. Harvard University
Total: $266,044 81% Democrat / 19% Republican

bq. 2. University of California
Total: $248,488 90% Democrat/ 10% Republican

bq. 3. College of William & Mary
Total: $136,200 99% Democrat / 1% Republican

bq. 4. Columbia University
Total: $114,108 78% Democrat / 22% Republican

bq. 5. Apollo Group
Total: $113,900 90% Democrat / 10% Republican

bq. 6. University of Chicago
Total: $102,880 92% Democrat / 8% Republican

bq. 7. Stanford University
Total: $97,608 89% Democrat / 11% Republican

bq. 8. Georgetown University
Total: $86,917 85% Democrat / 15% Republican

bq. 9. University of Pennsylvania
Total: $80,990 90% Democrat / 10% Republican

bq. 10. Northwestern University
Total: $70,575 82% Democrat / 18% Republican

Does it seem odd to you, too, that professors were able to amass this much? We all know profs don’t earn the highest salaries, at least if they’re in the humanities/not in Haas.

They must be ready for a change–now they’re putting their money where their mouths are.

College Professors for Obama [Education Nation]

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