cannabisThe catchy slogan was popularized by the campaign to pass Prop 19 on California’s ballot in 2010. However, it seemed to have died with the proposition as Californians voted not to legalize and thereby regulate marijuana. Obviously, since it is illegal, marijuana is nowhere to be found in Berkeley. Psyche!

Located on San Pablo Avenue, the 40 Acres Medical Marijuana Growers Collective‘s membership has recently accelerated to over 7,000 locals, making it one of the most significant cannabis businesses in the city. Concerns have been raised as read more »


An initiative to legalize marijuana sounds like a dream come true for pro-pot protesters, an ilk quite common in Berkeley and its environs, so why is the bill not receiving the support to match?

We’d like to start off with the facts. Proposition 19, “The Regulate, Control and Tax Cannabis Act” treats cannabis much like the law currently treats alcohol. Adults 21 and older are free to grow pot on 25 square feet of private property and possess up to 1 ounce of cannabis, which may be shared but not sold. Persons 21 and over can only smoke on licensed zones and may only buy from licensed commercial employers. And, of course, no driving is permitted while under the influence, so lock up those car, boat and airplane keys. State law regarding medical marijuana, however, is not affected by Prop. 19. Read up more on the facts here.

So what’s the catch? read more »