The Prop 8 trial is still ongoing, just so you know. In fact, the trial just finished closing arguments last Wednesday although as we know the trial began in January. Finally the decision is on the horizon, and now might be a good time to catch up on the trial’s goings-on. You’re on vacation, after all–do you really have anything better to do? (Don’t include anything resembling frisbee golf.)

We didn’t think so. So how’s about you check the lovely blog called Prop 8 on Trial, which was set up by two Berkeley law students? It includes “daily reports from the Prop 8 trial,” so you know it’s thorough, and it’s read more »

Newsies!Organize protests as fast as you can. Yoo can’t catch Yoo. He’s the gingerbread man.  [The Bay Area]

OK, we take that back. This Berkeley mom could probably catch him. Too bad she’s busy being a badass on behalf of her daughter. [SJ Mercury News]

El Presidente presented over 100 young scientists with Presidential Early Career Awards for Scientists and Engineers today at the White House. Being the narcissists interested and spirited students that we are, we counted one win for UC Berkeley and two for Lawrence  Berkeley National Laboratory. [Press Release]

Aaand, Prop 8 trial updates out the wazoo. (Obviously.) [SF Appeal, NYT, Chron]

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