Was this what you thought of? Wrong BAMN!

Was this what you thought of? Wrong BAMN!

Unless you were locked in your room these past few weeks with only instant ramen and soda for company, you probably heard of (or witnessed) a recent sensational event at Cal that once again made affirmative action a hot topic of debate.

One of the common critiques we heard from our fellow humanities compatriots was that coverage of the bake sale became more about the spectacle than the issue of affirmative action itself. If you support affirmative action or you are looking to gain insight on either side of the issue in a more comprehensive way, BAMN will be hosting a forum entitled “UC Berkeley: Case for Affirmative Action and Overturning Prop 209” on Tuesday Oct. 11 at 7 p.m. in 102 Wurster Hall. read more »


Do y’all even remember Proposition 209? Some of you must have been such small fries when it was voted into effect in 1996. For a little refresher on your California history, said prop. is responsible for the statewide ban on affirmative action—and it’s got at least one group of people pretty riled up.

Enter a federal lawsuit. Backed up by (deep breath now) read more »

Since the passage of Proposition 209, which banned affirmative action at California public universities, UC Berkeley has watched its minority student communities shrink by half. Surprise, surprise. We’re only now barely recovering from this hit. To help the recovery along, UCB students are spending this summer doing full-time work as full-time volunteers. Their goals are to motivate and provide resources to high school minority students. One student explains that their focus is on students of low income and “disadvantaged backgrounds.” Take that, 209. read more »