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The officer who rose to notoriety last spring after pepper spraying a line of protestors at UC Davis has left the school. Protestors across the Bay delight.

Now the question is, what will Lt. John Pike be doing next? As an officer for Davis, Pike made $110,243.12 in 2010. If he plans on entering a profession where he’ll make just as much or more, there goes the pursuing-a-PhD or going-back-to-school plan.

Maybe he should just cuddle up at home with Winnie the Pooh and friends and not show his face until the anger dies down. As if it ever will. What do you think, Berkeley?

Image source: Chris Gionet under Creative Commons


Protestors marching against tuition increases at the UC Regents Meeting on Wednesday, May 16 dressed up as inmates from a “debtor’s prison” and stormed the Capitol. And when we say stormed, we really mean walked around in a circle singing Sam Cooke’s “Chain Gang.”

The song choice was most befitting of the occasion, and the Clog liked it so much that we decided to proffer some other musical selections for potential future use: read more »

DSC02771The Clog left for home this past Thanksgiving weekend with thoughts of escape from general Berkeley chaos. We returned rested and full, and ventured to Sproul Plaza today to check up on the dear old Occupy movement.

Imagine our surprise when we saw almost no one out there.

Is the movement finally dying down? read more »

What happens when occupiers’ attempts at putting up tents is thwarted by brutal police action?DSC02695

They come back stronger, louder and angrier, uniting across different movements. How? That’s right, you guessed it.

They put up even more tents.

Sproul Plaza, 10 p.m. — As the Clog surveys the excited and ecstatic scene post-Robert Reich lecture, we can’t help but wonder if this is the most charged atmosphere the school has seen in recents years. read more »

As an observer, one of the most entertaining part of a protest are the signs, whether they are clever or just hilariously misspelled. Indeed, one of the signs at today’s protests read, “Politians are dipers.” Excuse me, what are politians, and what are dipers? Oh, you meant to say politicians are diapers … oh. Anyway, here are a few more signs after last week’s onslaught for your enjoyment:


We love our octopuses and all, but what the hell? read more »

Another protest? Since when have those been effective? Are most of the protestors even Cal students? Is this a cause worthy of being arrested for? If you find yourself answering no (or not even caring about the answer at all) … great!

Protests are interesting phenomena that occur occasionally on the Berkeley campus. There was even a famous one a while back, something about the Free Spinach Movement. Spinach plants have feelings, too! Anywho, protests are great ways to skip out of class and are sources of excellent entertainment. How can you take advantage of this? Read on to find out!  read more »

After Wednesday’s law enforcement debacle and DSC02486night-time rally, the Occupy Cal community  might need to start looking for clear direction and compelling leadership. Unfortunately, when heading a movement involving more than one thousand participants, reaching a consensus can be quite tiresome and time-consuming.

The Clog takes a look at the various protest formations that have taken place over the past few days, and which ones tend to be more effective than others: read more »

Protest days are excellent  — lectures are canceled (shout-out to Letters and Sciences!), the atmosphere is charged with collective activist spirit, and Cal goes aboutDSC02460 doing what Cal does best.

Today’s Occupy Cal, Day of Action or whatever you wish to call it, was enormous in terms of turnout. But how does this campus consistently have widely-viewed protests week after week? What is it that we do? For those cities and campuses around the country hoping to host a large-scale protest consisting of the 99 percent, here are a few key things to do on protest day:

Step 1: Begin with picket lines and catchy phrases. People with signs walking around in a circle and blocking traffic tends to attract attention. Catch-phrases from today’s protest included: read more »

The Clog was extremely impressed with some of the creative signs that were out on Sproul today. Below are some of our personal favorites. Who did you like best? Vote by leaving a comment in the comments section at the bottom of the page!

1. We’ll never let go …

Channeling Rihanna

Channeling Rihanna...

...and James Cameron

...and James Cameron

2. Only a Berkeley English professor … read more »

Campus SnackAmongst other things, the bake sale protest got us thinking about campus snacking. Krispy Kremes were on Sproul the other day, alongside a foray of other delights from societies and clubs that sparked discourse on the snacking schedule.

Given all this heated debate over  munchies, we’ve taken some time to consider the ideal snack intake for three 90-minute, back-to-back lectures — a routine that mirrors perfection.

Fuel well before you start the day on campus. Aiming for a breakfast of at least two slices of toast with honey and butter would be a good standard for everyone. Take a regularly sized banana, a liter of water and a nutritional bar to campus.

Reward yourself read more »

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