The Clog tramped out to the Sproul steps in one of its daily checkups on the Occupy movement. We entered from inside Sproul, and nearly stumbled onto someone’s sleeping quarters.

Affordable housing

Affordable housing

As glamorous as protesting the status quo looks, the life of an Occupier – the actual part of camping out and living in the wide open – seems quite uncomfortable to us.

Here are some essential ingredients to occupying: read more »

It has been a relaxing, peaceful week at Berkeley, hmmm?

relaxProfessors happily lecturing on their beloved subjects. Squirrels pouncing on each other. Us college folks getting pumped for the Big Game. Pot Food plentiful and smiles warming the air with love and laughter and joy and bright hippie sunshine!

No, we’re kidding. In reality, as we all know, many things of the opposite nature were circulating and electrifying the air. Students were calling loudly for the sake of their education. Classes were being cancelled due to angry faculty. Batons were, in the ever-so-accurate words of the Associated Press, “nudging” protestors and leaving them with bruises, broken ribs and sore spleens. The Haas School of Business experienced an alarming shooting and unexpected death.

And now, just in case all that wasn’t enough, a building on the corner of Telegraph Ave. and Haste St. caught fire Friday evening.

According to the Daily Cal, the fire began at around 8:48 p.m. and the cause of the fire is not yet entirely known.


11:23 p.m. (Taken from Unit 3 Priestley Hall) Beverly Cleary residents were strongly recommended to evacuate the building.


11:42 p.m. Fire is still raging.

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save ucUnfortunately, Guy Fawkes’ Day was held on a Saturday this year. Otherwise, UC Berkeley’s “Day of Action for Public Education” would coincide nicely with the revolutionary celebration.

Tomorrow’s protest against the UC budget cuts and tuition hikes is scheduled to begin at 8 a.m. with a “teach-out” — GSIs and professors will be gathering their classes out on Sproul Plaza for what looks to be a chilly morning session. Our sympathies to those who will be listening to lecture in the freezing cold.

Then, at noon, a student walkout and rally will take place at the same location, read more »


There you are after class walking back home. Tired. Mentally exhausted. You’re going to avoid all those annoying flyer people like a boss. But then, BAM! You hear loud music pumping in Sproul Plaza. Could this be … free concert?! No, it’s Danceworx!

Danceworx is a great example of an organization that takes advantage of the spacious area in front of Sproul Hall. Finding a flyer that you’re interested in may be an ambitious endeavor, but almost anything that happens in the middle of Sproul is certainly worth your attention. From famous protests to musical performances Sproul Plaza hosts a myriad of interesting treasures to constantly look out for.

Here are some what some fellow Cal students think of the little treasures on Sproul. read more »

The most important constitutional right to Berkeley residents would undoubtedly be the right to protest. Naturally, any policy set in place that inhibits our freedom toBART express our distress will raise outcry among Bay Area denizens.

Interestingly enough, the BART Board of Directors is scheduled to discuss a policy allowing temporary disruption of cell phone services if “there is evidence that cellphones are being used to disrupt public transit services, destroy BART property or endanger commuters.”

Ooh, we here at the Clog can already tell that’s not gonna fly too well. read more »

free speechAs we mentioned before, last weekend, we ventured off into Southern California to escape the pressures of midterms and looming, sugary protests. It just so happens that Berkeley, while physically 400 miles away, remained with us in spirit and … utility boxes.

While heading to Old Town Pasadena for an evening of unspeakable debauchery, we just so happened to observe a bright blue box with a large photo of something that looked oddly familiar. Forgetting that this wasn’t Berkeley and we can’t do whatever the hell we want, we made a highly illegal U-turn and pulled up in front of the box. Lo and behold, Sather Gate stood right before our eyes.

The iconic photo of Mario Savio, leading a large group of protesters during the 1960’s Free Speech Movement (shit, these days, we can’t get that many protesters out for free sweets, much less for free speech), was plastered read more »

Day of Action Protest 9/22

You may or may not have heard, but today was a “Day of Action” on campus. Students were called to protest fee hikes by attending a noon rally on Sproul Plaza and then marching around campus to make sure that our collective student voice was heard.

But, like most Berkeley protests as of late, this one seems to be a bit of a dud. Turnout was low and student participation was murky at best. Though there were moments of action, we could hardly say that it was enough to merit the title of the day. For play-by-play coverage, check out the Daily Cal’s live blog, complete with photos that are easily worth more than a thousand words.

Last we heard was that a bunch of protesters were sitting in Tolman Hall and nomming on some pizza. Which is cool — we get it, pizza’s tasty — though we must say, it’s hard to take anyone seriously when they’ve got a mouthful of pepperoni.

Shit might get real if the protesters refuse to leave Tolman at 10 p.m. (when the Hall officially closes), but until then we’ll just have to just wait and see …

Image Source: Giana Tansman, Daily Cal

P9240109The recent absence of low-flying helicopters dropping tear gas on student protesters gave us some clue that UC Berkeley’s reputation of extreme leftist radicalism may be slightly outdated. Understandably, though — it’s quite difficult for our young revolutionaries to measure up to this reputation while living under the massive shadow of one of the countries most historic civil rights movements; but come on people, quit slacking!

The Huffington Post has created a list of what they believe are the most radical schools in the country — four leaning left and four to the right. To our astonishment, the University of California, Berkeley — home of the Free Speech Movement, rooftop demonstrations and nude protests against the use of sweatshops to make school apparel — was left off the list. read more »


The Muslim Students Association’s political action committee and Students for Justice in Palestine organized a rally and candlelight vigil Monday and a “dead-in” last Thursday to raise awareness of the Egyptian protests that began two weeks ago against President Hosni Mubarak’s regime.

virtual memorial, Egypt Remembers, the creation of San Francisco start-up 1000Memories, quite literally puts a face (or 300 of them) on the tragedy and reality of the Egyptian demonstrations as they unfold. Here is where we would normally conclude with some half-hearted attempt at humor, but since we’re not quite as tasteless as Groupon (hopefully), we instead invite you to take a moment to honor those who have lost their lives amidst the unrest and to contribute to the virtual memorial if you or someone you know has a name to add.

Image source: GOOD


Today was the first day of November’s Regents’ meeting, and let us tell you, they’ve got all sorts of fun events planned.

There are some protests even today, but as Berkeleyside shrewdly noted, they were a little sleepy, at least on campus. On the agenda today is the always-stimulating Committee on Grounds and Buildings. Just kidding. That sounds pretty boring. So boring, in fact, that we’re not even going to look up what they’re doing. They could be voting to steamroller all of UC Berkeley’s campus and we’d never know. Yudof, take note.

The first of the big events will take place tomorrow, read more »

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