The healthcare debate (or clusterf*ck, if we’re going for accuracy) is still raging. We thought it was over, but Scott Brown’s election just reheated this problem like a microwave burrito. It’s even more confusing and contentious than ever. Luckily, UCB Ph.D. student (and Berkeley lecturer) Robin Flagg, MPH, spoke Tuesday night about healthcare, and now we’ve got the 411.

Flagg (who has taught Public Health 150D at Berkeley) described herself as “living healthcare policy.” Indeed, she’s been in the field for decades in various capacities, including field hospitals and health departments. So you know she’s got the cred. Here are some of the read more »

Those of us still in Berkeley for the summer are no doubt using some of our newfound free time to explore some of the surrounding area. Naturally, this involves venturing somewhat beyond the three-block radius surrounding camps, and sometimes entering uncharted territory. Worse yet, this is uncharted food territory.

Who knows what could be lurking in the kitchen of that charming little noodle shop you where thinking of stopping at for lunch? Or the pizza place across the street? Or the bistro down the block? Exactly, you don’t.

Or at least you didn’t read more »