5867512923_05b371ddbcContrary to popular belief, Berkeley students do not live in the main stacks, never seeing the sun and only coming out to retrieve the FSM coffee they need to survive in their vampiric lifestyle (Well, not all Berkeley students – some live in Soda Hall). We actually do like to get out and go places. However, sometimes it’s difficult.

Yes, there’s public transit if you don’t have a car, but BART, Muni, Caltrain, Amtrak, AC Transit — they are only so reliable and often take twice as long as driving would. And Zipcar can sure get pricey. If you are cursed blessed enough to have a car in Berkeley, let’s face it: Gas is expensive, and often it would be cheaper to take public transit (Plus, do you really want to give up that parking spot?).

So what’s a Berkeleyan on the go to do? The answer read more »

After discovering the latest omen of the world’s coming demise, the Clog encourages Berkeley students to put down their books and enjoy their short-lived time on Earth.

In an effort to not piss off the earth (or as some like to call it: “save the earth”), UC Berkeley has a policy of restricting parking permits to students who live outside of the two-mile radius around the campus. This leaves many students with cars frustrated but left with three more eco-friendly choices: walk, bike or bus your arses to class.

From the looks of it, however (“it” being the frightening video above), our efforts might not be enough to keep the earth from wanting to destroy us and our vehicles.

The video — which takes place in Montreal, QC, Canada — seems to show Mother Nature fighting back against its century-old nemesis: the car. read more »

In an attempt to get people out of their cars and into hot, sweaty and smelly trains, busses and ferries, the Bay Area’s public transportation system – that means AC Transit, BART and those ferry boats – will be free today because of that tanker exploding and taking out a major chunk of the MacArthur Maze.

Public transportation officials say that they hope that this will alleviate the horrible traffic that will pile up because of the tanker explosion yesterday.

Of course officials are also asking people to tinker with their work schedules. Jim Allison, a BART spokesperson, told the Chron that people should go to work early!

bq. “Ride early or late, avoid the peak of rush hour,” he said. “Many people may choose not to go to work or to drive in at 3 a.m. The good thing is that our system can count down to each and every person who rides day to day (and we can adjust service from there).”

We offer other suggestions.

1) Play hookie!
Just don’t go to work. C’mon, you know you haven’t played hookie since the sixth grade. Time to let your inner child come out.

2) Arrive to Work Late
Just go later. We’ll make sure that your employer doesn’t freak out for you.

3) Walk/Bike
If you really can (and we could, but we really don’t want to) you can walk or bike or skateboard or roller blade to work. We think it would be awesome to see guys in three piece suits flying down the side of the road on their 20 year-old skateboard.

For students: since BART’s free today, forget about finals next week and those end of the year projects, go to the city and party it up. It’s like a Spare the Air day!

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