Ever worry about what’s going to happen after leaving the bubble of safety that the campus offers, and moving on into the real world? Afraid that these trying times will leave you broke, jobless or some unfortunate combination of the two?

Well don’t panic, because for every panic-stricken student paralyzed by the thought that they worked their ass off for a degree that might not even guarantee them a job, let alone a career, there is hope for you yet! The New York Times has released a list of the 20 American colleges and universities that produce the highest-earning alumni, and, well, the University of California, Berkeley is on it. read more »


The Academic Ranking of World Universities announced its list of the world’s top 100 universities today. Can you feel our collective smirk? Berkeley was No. 3 in the entire world, second only to Harvard and The-Rival-School-Which-Must-Not-Be-Named (*cough* Palo Alto *cough*).

That means best public university in the world, bitches. Whaddya say we fill out one of those research grants to celebrate?

But what does “best” mean? According to the article, read more »