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We at the Clog are full of love and ready to pour our adoration directly into a pet’s heart. If you have not yet developed a passion for cuddling with cute animals, all those YouTube videos should do the trick.

Before you rush out to buy your own baby puglet, we want to remind you that deciding where to get your pet is important. If you have a big heart and not a lot of money, you may consider the Berkeley East-Bay Humane Society. The Society is a nonprofit organization built over 80 years ago, whose facility burned down on May 20, 2010. Fortunately, they are taking steps toward recovery, though the process is a difficult one (and by difficult we mean expensive.) read more »


We didn’t want to get too close to the itty bitty puppy that CalSERVE had by its home base on Upper Sproul Plaza, lest we be tempted into being biased or something (“OH MY GOD, LIVE PUPPY!!!!! CalSERVE, WE’LL DO WHATEVER YOU SAY!!!”) but, as you can see, Student Action wasn’t the only party to use the ol’ puppy pandering tactic this election season. CalSERVE even had that poor S.O.B. wearing a campaign pin that was bigger than its head. Ridiculous.

But while we’re here, look at this adorable puppy! read more »

We’re no rhetoric majors, but we have a sneaking suspicion that there’s some, like, really subtle rhetoric going on in Student Action senate candidate Camille Gipson’s campaign video:

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"Student Action and CalSERVE KILL PUPPIES"
Spring Break is over, but the ASUC parties are just getting started with their full-scale campaigning.  As some dude we overheard today aptly put it to a presumably freshmanic companion, “You haven’t seen anything yet. Today is just day one.” Yikes? read more »