... and the bartender goes, "what is this, a joke!?"

We came across this Facebook group earlier today, which reminded us of an earlier post on the same subject. Somehow we think it’s part of the college culture for students to write down their professors’ noteworthy quotes.

Some highlights from the group:

‘What is the purpose of the dwarf in The Faerie Queene you may ask…to carry the luggage’ read more »


ASUC Attorney General Michael Sinanian. Dude. Only a wizened wizard such as Gandalf can get away with such language. From the Daily Cal:

“These reckless agitators know that their time is limited,” (Sinanian) said in an e-mail. “They know that the truth will soon be revealed, and that I am the gatekeeper of that torrent of shame and disgrace that will fall upon them in the time of judgment.”

Attorney General Sinanian Faces Impeachment Motion [Daily Cal]
The Death of Gandalf [YouTube]

Yes, quite! Inn-dubitably! … Too bad the Clog said it first–kinda.  It appears that the Berkeleyan, the university’s official news publication thing-um, has gleaned direct inspiration (conscious or otherwise) from the Clog.

We’re guessing someone over at the Berkeleyan was reading the Clog, stumbled upon our “Quotes From the Field“  and thought to him or herself, “How quaint! How positively novel! We, here at the Berkeleyan,  could perhaps freshen up our rawther dry and official online content by taking a tiny leaf out of the Daily Clog’s provuhbial book by also quoting campus folk. Of course, we will  publish only the most thought-provoking and erudite bon mots, uttered by only the most famous of Berkeley’s elite, unlike the Daily Clog’s quotes, which are all snark and semi-amusing tosh.”

Because the people at the Berkeleyan totally read the Clog, like, all the time.  Obviously.

“Well said!” [NewsCenter]
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laughing_marxQuotes from the Field are real quotes overheard by the Clog on and around campus. And if you’ve heard something interesting today, feel free to comment the love.

“When I say A, I write B and I mean C.”

This is probably true for more than just philosophy professors, but not everyone has the gumption to admit it.

“What’s the answer then?”

“I don’t know.”

“Well, the hell with you.”

Note to self: read more »

Quotes from the Field are real quotes overheard by the Clog on and around campus. And if you’ve heard something stupid today, feel free to comment the love.

“Why does everyone look so unattractive? At least put more good-looking people on the mural.”

Two words: Berkeley goggles. You must be a freshman. Worry not, your standards will lower with time. This ain’t no Santa Barbara! We are Berkeley! We’re smart, we’re well-rounded, and we’re hungover from Thursday night! read more »