We’ve talked about the Martinez Commons’ slight issues before, but the adventure of Sunday night wasn’t one of technical malfunction (at least not that we know of). At just past 1 a.m. residents of the new dorm were shaken from beds and pointless YouTube videos by an extremely loud and persistent fire alarm. They were shuffled out of the building in their sleepwear, congregating on Channing Way in a mass of confused college students. To top it all off, Berkeley had decided to rain. Lots of students only had tee-shirts and shorts to protect them from the lovely weather, while a lucky few had fuzzy pajamas. Anyone with flip-flops was guaranteed cold feet.

Rain waiting is no fun

A number of forewarned students brought umbrellas for everyone to huddle under, or at least everyone who could fit. Everyone else ran for cover at Crossroads, barging in on the winding down late night service or grouping under the small cover just atop its entrance. These were desperate kids. But hey, at least they got to bond with whoever they shared cover with. “Hi, I’m Bob. Nice to meet you. Thanks for standing an inch away from me so that I can read more »

2431037499_cda3e6935cOn a rainy, windy, terribly distressing weekend of midterms in March, we tuned in to the live stream of the Western Cup III Quidditch Tournament (Read “Quidditch tournament flying over to the west coast”). Even through the bad-quality, grainy, stream we could see that the sun was shining at UCLA. It was a beautiful day for some Quidditch. The grass seemed much greener on the other side of the television screen, as we sat in our dark dorm room, a torrential down pour keeping us from going outside. During this rainy day we could either study or watch Quidditch, we decided on the latter.  As promised we have the results for you. read more »

Everyone has some kind of key that is precious to them. My precious … sorry, we digress.

So  keys can open many things: cars, lockers, dorm facilities, apartments, marshmallow containers and the list goes on. How do you store such an important tool? In your hair, right?  The Clog spied an interesting way to store a dorm key in a class … we couldn’t help but snap a creepy candid photo!

Storing the special spiky things (or not in some cases) can be simple as putting ‘em in a pocket or jingling them on a lanyard. But that’s normal. As a Clog reader, you should read up on some unique ways to hang your keys. It’s only fair. We especially like the Lego key holder. Classy, yet functional. read more »

20120315_200033The cold wind and rain scream slouching beanies, fingerless gloves and most importantly HOODIES! If for some reason you are the one hipster without a hoody, or your old one is so old that it does not even work with your “yeah my clothes are holey who gives a $*%@” look, here is a quick review of the three most popular hoody options.

1. The obvious first choice is the one, the only, the American Apparel hoody. Available in any color under the sun, when we think of a hoody we think of this metro-sexual, overpriced but sooooo necessary zip-up. We dare you to sit at Tully’s overlooking Sproul Plaza and count the number of passing students with this signature fleece. But, now, wait a sec … if everyone has one are they …. dare we say it … mainstream?! read more »

Since our hipster blood runs from our fedoras down to our toes, we cannot neglect our feet. Luckily, a few new shoes have been discovered this week that can replace the hole ridden ones we love so dearly but must tragically leave behind. Both girls and guys have some awesome new options.

20120229_144355Girls: Going to a job interview but reluctant to take off the TOMS? Yes, a common hipster worry. Now there is a solution! Berkeley graduating seniors can now graduate to a more sophisticated style without having to leave the security of the TOMS logo. We can still give one for one to show our future employers just  how generous we are by wearing the new TOMS ballet flat. Our favorite is the Alessandra black and white style. Just released last week and now available at Bancroft Clothing Company, these let our TOMS go from day to night.

The perfect Berkeley shoe has been discovered! Sold at Urban Outfitters and on the Tretorn web page, this wonder is a mixture between a hightop and a rain-boot. We call it “The Hipster Rain Boot.” No more avoiding puddles in order to keep our cool kicks clean and dry. We can keep our urban style even during the most brutal sideways rain that Berkeley can dish out. April showers will be here before we know it. So, hipsters, get your Tretorns!

Image sources: Kara King, Daily Cal

Puddle jumpingIf you’ve been thinking that the weather as of late has been somewhat abysmal and phenomenally unseasonable, you’d be absolutely right!

Bust out those Wellies and dig an umbrella out from under the bed, because this month’s rain is breaking all kinds of records in the Bay Area. And if your summer festivities have been delayed due to this rather wintery weather, know that you’re not alone. The streets of Berkeley are looking pretty empty, and we think it’s safe to say that just about everyone is staying inside with a cup of cocoa and a few good movies until things start drying out.

Even the experts seem perplexed as to the more-than-gloomy June. Says NASA climatologist Bill Patzert, “It’s what I call global weirding.” We couldn’t have said it better, ourselves.

Image Source: CWP2005 under Creative Commons
June rain breaks records and plans across the Bay Area [Mercury News]

More like 'Apocalypse Snow'...After discovering the latest omen of the world’s coming demise, the Clog encourages Berkeley students to put down their books and enjoy their short-lived time on Earth.

We guess it doesn’t get much more straightforward than that. The massive Mid-Atlantic blizzard that has forced the capital and surrounding areas to a grinding halt has been compound-worded with the end of days–and  if the president says it, then you know it’s got to be true.

You thought the weather in Berkeley has been crappy. What with that dirty tease of a sun and all that awful sprinkling? Try trudging through two feet of snow to Crossroads, which might be closed anyway because workers can’t get there, leaving you stranded food-less in your frozen jammies. Ugh. Well, at least all those East Coast schools don’t have to worry that their entire campus will collapse at any moment in an earthquake. There’s always that for us, right?

Image Source: paul+photos=moody under Creative Commons
How Are Colleges Faring in Mid-Atlantic Blizzard of 2010? [The Ticker]
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To show how devoted we are to the Clog, we skipped our own Homecoming game so we could post about LoveFest, to you, our devoted readers (yep, that’s the only reason). Awaking to gray skies and thunder, we started having second thoughts about getting down in the rain, but by the time we got to San Francisco, the sun was shining about as brightly as San Francisco sun can manage. It seemed that nothing, not even the rain, could halt the unstoppable force that was LoveFest. Maybe love really does conquer all, or at least it clears skies and makes babies.

As promised, LoveFest was a rave-esque techno beat-blasting explosion of tutus, spandex, fairy wings and birthday suits. And all of this was just a preface to what many consider the real event: the afterparties. We were a little busy dancing, but we managed to take a few photos. read more »